Discovery Channel Smartphone Telescope | Review

*This post is in association with The Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel has been entertaining and educating families for over 30 years, and this is exactly what the Discovery Channel Smartphone Telescope is all about. The telescope lens allows you to capture pictures like never before with the brilliant 10x zoom, giving you the chance to see the world differently.

discovery channel smartphone telescope

Discovery Channel Smartphone Telescope

The 4.5” telescope is able to attach onto a huge range of mobile phones and tablets. You can either attach just the lens over the top of your phones camera or use the stand for a much steadier image. The clip and supporting stand is not compatible for all devices, so you need to make sure that it can be attached onto yours before purchasing.

I currently have two phones that I go between – Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 Plus. While the clip and support stand was able to attach onto both, the telescope itself was a bit touchy on the iPhone 8. I found that when I was using it on my Galaxy S8 I was able to take pictures without adjusting the telescopes position at all. However, with the iPhone 8 it took around 5 minutes to get the telescope attached onto the camera correctly and I needed to adjust it every few minutes to keep it in place. But both the phones have their cameras in different places on the back, so it could be a positioning problem with some cameras.

You can purchase the Smartphone Telescope for yourself right here.

Images Captured

The telescope allows you to capture images from a decent distance – much closer than your mobile phone may be able to and in pretty good quality too. Initially, I wasn’t impressed with the distance using it indoors but as soon as I got it outside, the depth surprised me. I was able to take pictures of the top of buildings a few roads away from our house!

Starting with the first row of images, the pictures are: fairy lights, snow and buildings from a few streets away.


Overall, I’m very impressed with the telescope and the kind of images I was able to capture. It really does capture images from a good distance and the images stay at a good quality. I will genuinely be getting this back out regularly to see what other kinds of pictures I can capture. My little one is 3 years old and he loves taking pictures (he has his own Kiddizoom camera) and often asks to use my phone to take pictures. When he saw me playing around with the telescope, he ran to have a look and in no time he was using it to see what he could find outdoors. So, for us, it did exactly what it says on the tin! Both me and Joshua had fun exploring and using the telescope to capture different kinds of images to look back at and talk about what we found.


*Disclaimer: I was gifted the Smartphone Telescope in exchange for an honest review.

3 thoughts on “Discovery Channel Smartphone Telescope | Review

  1. This lens is great. It helps you take pictures really close up. The only problem I had was there were no instructions included in the package so it took me a little time to figure it out. Probably someone young could do it faster. I look forward to taking amazing photos of flowers this spring!!

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  2. If you cannot find the instructions look in-between the box and the blue stiffening card.
    It’s pretty straight forward anyway. Very pleased so far, but might try and lash up a more rigid mounting.


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