Santa’s Grotto at Kerry’s Home Furnishings

Ever since Joshua was very little, we have taken him to see Santa – even before he knew who Santa was. While he was too young, we were so looking forward to finally sharing the magical experience together.

Joshua is now 3 years old and he is well and truly into Christmas. He knows all about Santa, what him and his Elves get up to and what Christmas is all about. We have been to a few Santa’s Grottos in Lowestoft, Suffolk and (spoiler alert) this is single handily the best one we have visited. Everything from the ticket to the last second of meeting Santa, there isn’t a single detail left out.

kerrys home furnishings lowestoft

The Ticket

You are able to purchase your child’s ticket to see Santa in store on the day or in advance of your visit. What I thought was lovely is that the ticket itself is a keepsake and has been thoughtfully made. If you’re pre-planning your visit to see Santa then you could make it into even more of an experience by allowing your child to receive it in the post from Santa himself. That’s something we definitely wish we had done now!

Santa’s Grotto

The inside of Santa’s Grotto has been so beautifully decorated. It has been made so cosy that it almost feels like you’re in Santa’s living room – my pictures really don’t do it justice. Next to Santa is a smaller armchair for your child to sit on and have a chat with Santa. The big difference for us with Kerry’s Santa’s Grotto is that, despite Joshua being shy and not really talking back apart from the odd “uh-huh”, Santa appeared to have all the time in the world to talk with Joshua to make him feel special.

Usually, the other Santa Grotto’s we’ve been to have merely asked how old Joshua is, given him a present and said bye – one didn’t even let us take a picture! So the way that Santa actually sat down and tried having a chat with Joshua about what he wanted for Christmas, explained that he would try his best to get it for him and talking about Christmas morning made it far more special for him and us as parents. We weren’t made to feel like paying customers like the others did!

kerrys home furnishings lowestoft

When we walked in Joshua hid into me and said quietly, “I’m a bit shy” but both Santa and his helper were lovely and made him feel at home. Shortly after he was given the present Santa asked him if he wanted a picture and we left. As soon as we came out Joshua was beaming about the experience and is still talking about his present now. He calls it his “Ho Ho present”.

All in all, the experience was magical from the start and it is now our favourite Santa’s Grotto and we will definitely be coming back next year!

If you are local to Lowestoft, then I would recommend making a visit this year. To find out how long Kerry’s Home Furnishings is running their Santa’s Grotto, visit their Facebook page for more information.

*Header Image: Credit to Kerry’s Home Furnishings

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