Lowestoft Christmas Day Swim | 40th Anniversary

In our house, one of the biggest parts of our Christmas celebrations is tradition and when we moved our little family to Lowestoft a few years ago, we started a bunch of them. One of the traditions that we look forward to the most is going for our Christmas morning walk along the seafront and watching the Lowestoft Christmas Day Swim. As this is a big part of our Christmas, I wanted to share with you why it is such an important event for local people.

The Lowestoft Christmas Day Swim

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Christmas Day Swim. Back when it first started, it kicked off with just a few friends jumping into the sea on Christmas Day and now it has turned into a huge event where local people all come together to take part in fancy dress or come to watch while donating to some excellent local charities. For many people in Lowestoft, including us, it has become part of our Christmas traditions.

This year, the swim is once again being supported and organised by Sentinel Leisure Trust, HM Coastguard, The Lowestoft Volunteer Lifeguard Corps, The Lowestoft Lions, St Johns Ambulance, The Claremont Pier and RNLI.

How Can I Take Part or Donate?

If you would like to take the plunge for this year’s Christmas Day Swim to help raise an incredible amount for the chosen charities (listed below), you can complete your application here. Please note that you will need to be registered before the day as Sentinel Leisure Trust are now operating a band system. When you register, you are required to make a minimum donation of £5. When you arrive on the day, please go to The Claremont Pier to register.

If you would like to donate, you are able to by using their online donation page here. When completing the form, please use the reference ‘Xmas Day Swim’ and enter in the name of the swimmer you are backing. They will also be collecting donations on the day, but please donate online if possible!

The Chosen Charities

Since Sentinel Leisure Trust started organising the swim, over £29,000 has been raised and 1000 registered participants have been brave enough to jump in! 100% of the funds raised from the event are shared equally between all of the local charities:

Ollies Heroes, Brainwave Independent Group, Taylor High Memorial Fund, Local Children’s Home, Topcats, Lowestoft and Oulton Broad Swimming Club, Brian Gallagher Football Fund, Lowestoft Lions, Lowestoft Lifeguard Volunteer Corp & St Johns Ambulance (local branch).

If you would like to find out more, keep an eye on the Sentinel Leisure Trust website and social media channels:

Twitter: @SentinelLeisure

Facebook: @SentinelLeisure

Merry Christmas x

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