Have a Festive Night in With Rummikub

*This post is in association with Ideal

On the run up to the big day, our Christmas celebrations start shortly after my birthday in November. We start planning our Christmas baking weekends, game nights, family gatherings, festive activities, and so much more. We make sure that we are jam packed every weekend. Most of our evenings have a Christmassy vibe – even if it’s just a hot chocolate and a film.

We host several game nights throughout the year with family, as well as having some for just us. We are very much a gamer family and are always looking for new games on all platforms to try out, so Rummikub was perfect for our Christmassy night in. We grabbed some mince pies (festive bakewells for me!) and whipped up some snowballs, and we were ready for our evening.


Rummikub is a classic board game, but I’ve only ever played Rummy as a card game. After playing just once, it is genuinely now one of my favourites at the moment and will definitely be making another appearance over our Christmas celebrations and for years to come. The game took a while to get used to with all the rules but once we had it figured out, it was so much fun!

Here is a little bit about the board game itself…

Rummikub Board Game

Correct or not, the best way I can explain Rummikub to those who have never played it is that it’s a cross between Rummy (the card game) and Scrabble – in the way you can add to their tiles with yours.

Rummikub is a game where you have to use your head and strategy – it wasn’t long before I was getting competitively frustrated! The tiles are a selection of differently coloured numbers with a few jokers thrown in, which can represent any number you choose.


You start the game off with 14 tiles and the first person to put down and get rid of all of their tiles is the winner.

To get rid of your tiles, you have to either put them down in groups of 3-4 or a run. You can also use any tiles that have been laid down already by adding to the group or run, or by taking the tile away completely and adding it to your own.

Rummikub is for two to four players and suitable for players aged 7+. It is available online and in most toy stores for £24.99. To find out where it is stocked near you, check the stockists here.

Do you have any favourite board games? What will you be digging out this Christmas?


*Disclaimer: I was gifted Rummikub in return for an honest review.

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