Review: Get Organised with My Name Tags!*

With the children now either enjoying their Christmas break (or about to), it gives us parents the chance to sit down and reorganise everything. Being an incredibly busy person (I do have 3 jobs after all) I cannot afford to not have everything ready to go in time for Joshua going back to preschool.

Joshua’s preschool has a uniform, although it is optional we’ve found that it saves so much hassle for him to wear a uniform than to go in his own clothes – but with there being so many children with the same uniform it can get a bit confusing. There are many times when he comes home without his uniform on due to an accident and the likelihood of it getting mixed up is pretty high.

Also, Joshua is a huge fan of Paw Patrol… just like every other toddler his age! So, of course, everything he and his classmates have is Paw Patrol and usually the exact same bag, hat and coat too. Nightmare!

And that’s where My Name Tags come in…

my nametags

My Name Tags

When I was approached to try out some of My Name Tags iron-on stickers, admittedly I’d never thought about using them. I kinda assumed I wouldn’t need them until he’s at primary school – WRONG! I quickly realised that in the year since Joshua has been going to preschool, I’ve already lost his clothing several times.

They sent me two sets of their personalised labels – both the iron-on ones and stickers, which both serve different purposes. The stickers are only suitable for items that wouldn’t get put through the wash, such as pencil cases, bags etc.

my nametags

So far, I have put the iron-on labels onto Joshua’s uniform, shoes, wellie boots and coat. Since labelling his uniform it has been washed several times and they are well and truly stuck in place! The same goes for all of the other items too.

I have only used the stickers for Joshua’s bag and as it doesn’t get too much use really (it only carries nappies & wipes for the preschool to use) they have also stayed in place really well.

my nametags

What Do You Get

When placing an order, you get to pick how many labels you would like but the minimum you will receive is 56 personalised labels. When designing the labels, you get to choose from a huge range of colours, patterns, icons and even select from a few different fonts too. The ordering is incredibly fast, and I had my labels designed and ordered within a few minutes!

When you get your order, if you order iron-on labels you will also be sent some parchment paper for when you put them on.

I would highly recommend My Name Tags if this is something you need for your little ones, I will definitely be ordering more if I ever run out that’s for sure!

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this product in return for an honest review.

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