Tried & Tested: SMA Pro Toddler Milk*

We have all been there as parents, haven’t we? Trying to encourage our little ones to eat just one more piece of broccoli and searching online for recipes that can help us sneak bits of fruit and vegetables into their diet without them realising.

My little one never used to be a fussy eater, in fact he would eat anything I put in front of him. How many other baby’s do you know who would eat a French Casserole?!

But as he got older he changed completely and these days his diet is terrible. He refuses a lot of food based on texture and appearance and doesn’t often try new foods at all, so I’m always worried that he isn’t getting enough nutrients that he needs.

SMA Pro Toddler Milk

What Is SMA Pro Toddler Milk?

Toddler Milk is a fortified milk that is designed for young children aged one to three years old. You can purchase it in ready-to-drink cartons as well as a powder for you to make up at home. If your little one drinks 400ml every day, it will provide them with 108% of their recommended vitamin D. The toddler milk will also provide them with calcium, iron, iodine and Omega 3 & 6.

First Thoughts

As with anything that comes through the door in a big parcel, my little one was keen to see what was inside and he was even more excited when I said it was all for him. Straight away he grabbed one of the ready-to-drink cartons and he downed it within seconds AND asked for more!! Winner!

As we kicked off to a great start with our month trial, I couldn’t wait to see how well we got on with it. I encouraged him to drink one or two cartons a day, while he didn’t drink it every day it was still a great boost for the days he decided he wanted it.

I never intended to use it to replace Cow’s milk, I used it as a drink to have with snacks or in between meals to give my little one a boost of the nutrients he was missing out on.


I love that you can buy them in cartons to drink on the go. My little one preferred these but I’m not sure whether it’s the taste being different or whether it’s the novelty of having a carton.

Would I Recommend It?

For us, it definitely isn’t something that my little one would be interested to drink every day, as he loves drinking squash, but it helps to alleviate the parental guilt! The nutritional benefits would be the sole reason I would buy it and keep it until his diet improved.

Overall, I would recommend it to all families who have young children who are fussy eaters as it is a great way to make sure they are getting some goodness!

*Disclaimer – I was gifted the products in return for an honest review.

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