Preparing for Primary School with KidloLand

*This post is in association with KidloLand

As parents, we have heard about almost every app out there for children, but they are often just simple games to entertain. This is where KidloLand comes in. It is an app that is great for learning through play. We have tried a few apps with Joshua that help him with numbers, letters, shapes… the lot, but not all are as engaging as they need to be.

At the beginning of this year, we were trying to think of ways to help Joshua get prepared for primary school next year. It isn’t long away, and we want to give Joshua the best start possible. He is doing brilliantly at preschool and is learning new things every day, but we thought he needed to learn a bit more when it came to numbers and colours. Like most children, Joshua learns better through play and activities, so this was such a great app for him.

Whilst the child can use the app completely independently, I felt that for Joshua it worked best if we were involved too, it seemed to enhance his learning and get to grips with how to use the app; although the app is simple to use and designed for children so it didn’t take Joshua long!

We have been using KidloLand for quite a few weeks now and we have noticed a real difference. Joshua can now use his flash cards at home to identify numbers and match them with the correct number of objects. He is also now super into shapes and colours and he loves practising them with his blocks.

KidloLand App

KidloLand is a fun and interactive app that primarily teaches children through songs. It is both visual and audio, so while it shows a picture, your child will also be told the word/sound/number with light music on in the background. Depending on the activity, the app focuses on learning through song too.

KidloLand has a huge range of activities on offer from nursery rhymes, story games, ABC, phonics, numbers, vehicles, colours, shapes and so much more. Each category has plenty of individual activities within the section too! So they will never get bored of practising.

One downside for us was that for each activity, we had to download every single one first, so I would recommend going through and clicking ‘download all’ prior to your little one using the app. I didn’t realise this, so Joshua got a bit frustrated while waiting but it was all good once I sussed it out.

We found the app perfect for children under the age of 5 and it has been great for practising what he has already learnt at preschool and developing it further. Joshua uses the app daily and is making his way through all the activities, but he certainly has his favourites that he comes back to.

I would totally recommend trying out KidloLand. We were given a trial in return for an honest review, however it has been so beneficial we may just keep it up!

If you would like to give KidloLand a try with your little ones, you can download the app here:

*Disclaimer: I received a free 3-month subscription in return of this review.
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