Preparing for Primary School with KidloLand*

As parents, we have all heard of and tried apps for our children. If you’re like me, they are usually simple games apps which are there to solely entertain your little one. Whether it’s through desperation at 5am so you can doze back off or chucking them the tablet, so you can quickly get some washing on, we’ve all been there.

But KidloLand is great for your child’s education in a fun way that keeps them engaged and wanting to do more. Personally, I feel that it works best if the parent is involved. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be super involved but for my little one, it just enhanced his learning and helped him get to grips with using the app. Although, he picked it up very quickly as the app is brilliantly simple to use!

At the beginning of the year we were trying to think of ways to help Joshua with his learning in a fun way that can get him better prepared for primary school next year. Joshua is doing brilliantly at preschool, but he needed to do a bit more work on his numbers, colours and shapes specifically. Joshua learns better through play, just like most children his age, so this was great for him.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a real difference in Joshua’s learning. He can suddenly use his flash cards (which has been sitting in a cupboard for two years gathering dust) to identify numbers and match them with the correct number of objects. The other day he used them from numbers 1-9!

Joshua is also now really into his shapes and colours too; in fact, Joshua has even staged a lesson with me as the student (him, the teacher) to show me what he has learnt. When we arrive at his preschool for the morning drop-off, the first thing he now does is run over to the display of shapes to put them all into the correct slot.

At Joshua’s age, there’s not too much out there for learning at home. While there are flash cards and some games, generally I haven’t found much that really works. So, we’ve been using Kidloland to help Joshua get to where he needs to be.

Kidloland is a fun and interactive app that primarily teaches the child through songs. It’s a both visual and audio app, so while it will show a picture, your child will also be told the word/sound/number with light music in the background. Depending on the activity, it will focus on learning through song too.

The app has a big range of activities from nursery rhymes, story games, learn ABC, phonics, numbers, vehicles, colours & shapes and much more. Each of those categories has plenty of individual activities within the section too! One word of warning though, you have to download each activity for every single activity there is, so I would recommend going through and clicking the ‘download all’ button prior to your little one using the app.

It works great through parent and child interaction, but it isn’t dependent on it. You can definitely step away and let your little one get on with their learning alone, which if you’re anything like me is a blessing!

The app is perfect for toddlers under the age of 5, so it has been great for brushing up on what he learns at preschool and preparing for primary school. Joshua has been using the app daily and making his way through the activities, but he certainly has his favourites.

I would totally recommend trying out KidloLand. We were given a trial in return for an honest review, however it has been so beneficial we may just keep it up!

If you would like to give KidloLand a try with your little ones, you can download the app here:

*Disclaimer: I received a free 3-month subscription in return of this review.
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