My Top 5: Netflix Must Sees

I remember back when Netflix was first a ‘thing’, I certainly wasn’t catching on with it. Back then, LoveFilm (remember that?) was where it was at, but Netflix quickly overtook that, and it has now overtaken TV! Many people and families have opted for a Netflix subscription in place of subscriptions to Sky etc. We watch Netflix much more than anything else on our TV, and this includes our little one; Joshua. Netflix has so much variety with amazing original TV shows & films, brilliant new stuff to discover as well as some of my childhood favourites.

So, I thought I would write a list of recommendations of stuff that I have watched and loved, that you may too! Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers.

Here are some of the stuff that I have watched.

My Current Favourite: Van Helsing

At the moment, this is one of my absolute favourite things to watch. Jamie doesn’t even need to ask me what I want to watch in the evenings, he just knows to put this straight on!

But what’s it about? As you can probably guess from the title, this one is all about vampires. Vanessa wakes up after 3 years in a coma and the world has been taken over by vampires. Vampire bites don’t affect her, but why? Her and her group of friends now have to fight to stay alive.

Oldie but Goodie: That 70s Show

If you have never watched this TV series, you need to! It’s an American sitcom full of familiar faces such as Ashton Kutcher. It’s about a group of friends who are going through the teenage years and almost into adulthood.

Past Favourite: American Horror Story

I discovered this one day when I was Googling the actor who played Quick Silver when I stumbled across this. It’s a brilliant series that plays on fears of the supernatural and so on. Every series is completely different, and they reuse a lot of the same actors again but playing different characters in completely different storylines.

Can’t Stop Watching: Black Mirror

I’m torn between needing this series to be an all-year-round thing and wanting it to stay a 6-part series, once a year. It’s bloody amazing and each episode tells a story about the modern world and certainly makes you think! If you watch only one thing this year, make it this!

Can’t Be Categorised: The End of the F***ing World

This series was short – VERY short – but bloody good. It’s a classic British dark comedy that had me laughing within the first 60 seconds of the first episode. James has convinced himself that he is a psychopath and Alyssa is a rebel. They both go on a road trip, during which James is fighting the urge to kill Alyssa.

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