iPhone 8 Plus | A Non-Techy Review

I currently have the Samsung S8 and I made the switch from Apple to Android a few years ago now and haven’t looked back since. I got my hands on the Samsung S8+ last year and I fell in love with it. I’m gonna be honest though, the camera is what sold me on it because the most important thing for me is that my phone has a great camera. I use my phone a lot for my work and personal use, so I tend to capture around 30+ images a day.

I thought I had switched over to Android for good but then the lovely people over at Three offered me the chance to try out the new iPhone 8 Plus; as well as giving me a month Pay As You Go SIM card too!

First Impressions

When I opened up the box, my first impressions of the phone were that I LOVED the size! The bigger the screen, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

I have been told that if you have an iPhone already (or any Apple product such as iPad) then you are able to simply transfer everything over; photos, apps – everything! I remember setting up my old iPhone years ago and finding it a right faff, but it looks like they’ve really improved it.

Getting Going

When I was using the iPhone I noticed that the screen was super fast and much better than my current Samsung S8.

Once I got the iPhone 8 Plus turned on and ready to get started, I immediately put the camera to the test and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, I’m unable to show you all of the photos that I took because I’m a right tit and somehow deleted all of the photos.

But Mark from Honest Father has kindly sent me some of his instead, which to be honest may be a good thing because they’re probably much better than mine!


Great detail!
Fantastic detail & blurred background


*Disclaimer – I was loaned the iPhone 8 Plus for a short while in return for this honest review.


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