iPhone 8 Plus | A Non-Techy Review

*This post is in association with Three

A few years ago, I made the switch from Apple to Android and haven’t looked back since. I currently have the Samsung S8, after I got my hands on the Samsung S8+ last year and fell in love with it. I’m gonna be honest though, the camera is what sold me because the most important thing for me is that my phone has a great camera. I use my phone a lot for work and personal use, so I tend to capture around 30-100+ images a day.

I thought I had switched over to Android for good but then the lovely people over at Three offered me the chance to try out the new iPhone 8 Plus; as well as giving me a month Pay As You Go SIM card too!

First Impressions

When I opened up the box, my first impressions of the phone were that I LOVED the size! The bigger the screen, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

I have been told that if you have an iPhone already (or any Apple product such as iPad) then you are able to simply transfer everything over; photos, apps – everything! I remember setting up my old iPhone years ago and finding it a right faff, but it looks like they’ve really improved it.

Getting Going

When I was using the iPhone I noticed that the screen was super fast and much better than my current Samsung S8.

Once I got the iPhone 8 Plus turned on and ready to get started, I immediately put the camera to the test and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, I’m unable to show you all of the photos that I took because I’m a right t*t and somehow deleted all of the photos. But Mark from Honest Father has kindly sent me some of his instead:


Great detail!
Fantastic detail & blurred background



*Disclaimer – I was loaned the iPhone 8 Plus for a short while in return for this honest review.

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