Make Mother’s Day Special with Pretty Gifted

*This post is in association with Pretty Gifted

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is time to start planning! I have never been someone who purchases a “Best Mum Mug” or something that will just get thrown into the back of the cupboard, never to see daylight again. I have always aimed to either create or buy something a bit more meaningful and with Pretty Gifted, it’s just got a whole lot easier.

When I was 15 years old, I saved up some of my own money to get my Mum a necklace that she had wanted for quite a while. I then ran into town in my lunch break to get a nice box and gift wrap to make it look nice.

If your Mum, Grandma or Wife is anything like my Mum, anything that shows thought, will go down a treat. My Mum has always preferred handmade gifts, cards and decorations because it’s something that cannot be bought and shows effort, love and thought. Now that I have kids, we always have a crafting afternoon to hand make gifts.

Here are some ideas on how to make a gift that will not only be appreciated but hopefully admired for a long time. The best bit? You don’t need much crafting skills (trust me, if I can do it – ANYONE can. Plus, my little one helped with it all).

handmade card craft

Easy Mother’s Day Card

This card could really not be any simpler! All you need is some paper, glue, a pair of scissors, pencil and card.

We chose to make a layered butterfly, but it would work well with other shapes too. I then let Joshua get crazy creative as he personalised the front and inside even more.

hanging peg frame craft box frame

Box Hanging Frame

All you need for this lovely frame is a box frame, string, mini pegs and some backing paper of your choice. For the paper, I used my “Happy Mother’s Day” personalised paper from Pretty Gifted. It was difficult finding the perfect photograph but I eventually settled on this lovely old picture of my Mum, Dad and my two eldest siblings.

mothers day craft

I Heart Mum Lettering

Now, this craft really is easy! As you can see, it’s not completely perfect but it was great fun to do with Joshua. Plus, I think imperfections are what makes homemade presents all the better!

All you need is some wooden lettering (I found ours in Poundland!), clear craft glue and the paper of your choice. Just cut up small strips, I was purposely not even because I wanted to ‘mix-matched’ look, and glue the paper on. To finish, add a layer of glue over the top to seal everything.

craft triangle pocket pouches

Triangle Pockets

These pockets are a brilliant, yet simple, way of creating your own gift box for smaller gifts. All you need is a rectangle piece of paper and some washi tape. Loosely roll the paper into a tube and tape together. With the piece of washi tape being vertical, tape the bottom ends together. Fill the pocket with your gift, then use some more washi tape to seal the top, creating a triangular shape.


Whether you are looking to create your own envelope to go with your handmade card or for a small gift, all you need to do is find an envelope you already have laying around at home and use that to create a template. Then just simply glue the edges together.

I decided to create an envelope for the purse/wallet card that I found; I have one of these myself that was given to me by my partner and I keep it in my wallet and it goes everywhere with me, so I thought that it would be a nice little extra gift.

Have you ever made your own gifts for someone special? I would love to hear about them below! I’m always looking for new ideas, so feel free to share.


*Disclaimer – This post is in collaboration with Pretty Gifted.

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