Waterlane Leisure Centre | Swimming Lessons Review

When Joshua was coming up to turning 3 years old back in September one of the things discussed was to start getting him into swimming. Ever since he was new-born, he has always been such a water baby. We took him swimming for the first time when he was just a few weeks old and he has loved being in the pool and bath ever since.

With his love for water, we decided it would be perfect to teach him to swim.


Waterlane Leisure Centre – Ducklings

When Joshua was around 18 months old, he suddenly developed a fear of water going over his face and head (including hair washing) which made it so difficult to take him swimming. With other kids kicking and splashing about, his beloved time in the pool quickly became something he got nervous about. So, not only were the swimming lessons to help his learn to swim independently, they were also to build his confidence back up again.

Within the first month, Joshua was doing superb. He was blowing bubbles in the water, bouncing around and even using noodles to swim. He very quickly picked it up and was improving every week.

However, after a month of lessons, Joshua went from being confident to extremely nervous again. His confidence took a complete knock, and we still don’t know why. He became completely different in the water again, so we had to begin building his confidence from scratch yet again. Where previously he would blow bubbles, move confidently around and do everything that was asked of him, he was now crying, not wanting to go and trying to get out of doing most things in the pool.

Fast forward on another 4 months and Joshua is unrecognisable! With his tutors working with him every week, Joshua has picked everything back up and is now able to swim on his front and back aided with a noodle as well as dunking his face and head into the water!!

The tutors saw that even though he wasn’t confident, he was able to do it all, so they worked with him more closely and gave him that extra bit of attention that he needed. While it is a group lesson, Joshua has definitely received the amount of guidance and attention that he needed at every point.

Recently, Joshua passed Duckings 1 and got his first ever certificate and badge. Joshua is doing superbly and is back to loving the water and not giving a care in the world if he’s splashed in the face (which is AMAZING for him).

Waterlane Leisure Centre not only offer swimming lessons for children but also adults too! At just £26 a month, you can’t lose. You can find out more information on their lessons herehere.

*Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Sentinel Leisure Trust.

All images used are credited to Waterlane Leisure Centre.

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