Preparing Your Kids for Their Future

With Joshua set to start Primary School next year, his future education is at the forefront of our minds at the moment. He may be just 3 years old, but I don’t think it’s ever too early to start preparing your child for school and encouraging them to learn at home; after all, learning doesn’t just start and end at school!

The main focus for getting Joshua ready for Primary School has been working on his speech delay, which has meant that we have no option but to start thinking ahead now, over a year before he is set to attend school.

Not only are we working on his speech at home but his preschool are also doing some great stuff with him during his sessions to better understand exactly where he is struggling and how to help him improve, through play. Joshua’s key workers and SENCO have been brilliant! With the help he’s getting, not only is he saying more but words are being so much better pronounced than before.

With his speech delay in mind, we have also looked at other areas that we could work on at home too, to give him that extra helping hand.

You may remember that I previously talked about how KidloLand has helped us and Joshua is still improving every day. Joshua can now count from 1 to 9, recognise the numbers written down as well as match the numbers with their correct number of objects using flashcards, which I found just amazing!

I think that it is so important to get your children prepared, as the worst thing I can imagine at the moment is Joshua being left behind due to his speech or feeling upset/alone because no-one can understand him. Joshua’s knowledge has never been a problem, he learns everything so fast, so I know that with the right support he can thrive within education. However, with communication being a huge barrier, his teachers will easily think that he is further behind than he is, which worries me so much.

Joshua’s teachers will have to take their time to get to know him, to understand exactly how much he is taking on board during the lessons, but as time is limited I can see this potentially being an issue if Joshua’s speech doesn’t improve in time. So, when it comes to selecting which school Joshua attends, we will be carefully looking into whether they prioritise and encourage their students where possible possible, very much like Rocketship Education, by encouraging additional learning at home while supporting their pupils and parents.

With all the help and support from us and his preschool, I’m sure we can help get Joshua where he needs to be in time for next Summer!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

4 thoughts on “Preparing Your Kids for Their Future

  1. You also want to look at how many teaching assistants a school has. I obviously don’t know how serious Joshua’s delayed speech is, but if he requires it, a full time TA should be available to him. You want ask the school about this. TA support varies massively from school to school. Subtle hint: Church / faith schools often have better TA support (may not be your thing, but you may feel that’s worth bearing in mind). Best of luck and good work on starting preparations so early.

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    1. Ah, thank you for that! I will definitely look into this when the time comes. I didn’t even think about a TA potentially helping him. Based on his speech now, I think he’s going to need all the help he can get as his speech delay is quite severe. But, bless him, he’s improving all the time! Thanks, John, education is so important I don’t think we can start preparing ‘too early’!


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