Fat Friends: The Musical | Norwich Theatre Royal

*This post is in association with Norwich Theatre Royal

I grew up watching Fat Friends, the TV programme, so when I heard that it was being turned into a musical, I just had to see it. I went along to the opening night of Fat Friends: The Musical at Norwich Theatre Royal and it is one of the best shows I have ever seen!

Fat Friends

While weight loss is certainly one of the main themes within the show, it is much more about girl power and being liberated, but with a lot of swearing thrown into the mix.

Right from the very start, when the curtains came up, it has us laughing and we didn’t stop! The casts sweary banter reminded me of my own family and all the characters are so relatable.

Every single cast member was mind-blowing, with red hot comic timing. Not only were we laughing along but the show also had us emotional and showed us all how it is okay to just be you.

The show follows Kelly (Jodie Prenger) who is engaged and set to get married in 6 weeks time. She has bought her dream dress, two sizes too small, with the hopes of losing weight to fit into it. The owner of the Slimming group Julia Fleshman sets her a challenge as she offers to pay for the entire wedding if she manages to fit into the dress in time.

Fat Friends

Sam Bailey plays Kelly’s Mum, Betty, who is struggling with her weight but being the ever-support Mother to her daughter. Kevin Kennedy plays her Father, who runs the family chip shop. The on-going sibling banter between Kelly and Joanne (Rachel Wooding) was spot on and nothing short of hilarious – they had the perfect onstage chemistry.

Natalie Anderson plays Lauren, the slimming group leader, who is clueless about the battles with weight loss (she’s put on a whole 1lb, y’know!) and struggles with her feelings for Paul (Jonathan Halliwell).

But will Kelly manage to fit into her dream dress and have her wedding day? Watch and find out…

Warning: You may never look at chocolate the same way again! (wait to find out)

Fat Friends: The Musical is showing at Norwich until Saturday 17th March but check out their website for more details on where the tour is heading next.


*Disclaimer: I received tickets to this performance in return for an honest review.

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