Quick and Easy Ways to Ensure Your Home is Always Tidy*

Maintaining a clean home takes a lot of work and effort, especially if you leave it all to pile up to the end of the week.

Instead these are my quick and easy tips to ensure your home is always tidy and clean, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours on the weekend having to go through chores.

Put things in their place

When you see things out of place, and you have free hands, make sure you always put them back in their rightful place. Whether that’s moving books to shelves, toys into boxes or clothes into cupboards. Doing it when you see it is going to save so much time rather than waiting till you have arms full with things you need to put away.

Get the family involved

Make sure everyone does their bit and make it a little bit fun, set a timer for five minutes and see who can get a room cleared away in the fastest time. The person who wins gets to choose what film you’re going to watch together, game you’re going to play, or treat you can all enjoy.

Do one job throughout the whole house

Instead of focusing on one room at a time, choose one chore at a time and complete it through the whole house. For instance, you could get the disinfectant out and wipe everywhere down, the duster and get everyone clean, the hoover and go through the whole house. It’s easier than ensuring you have everything you need to clean one room at a time.

Have wipes in the bathroom

It’s really easy for dust to accumulate in the bathroom, and of course for things to get a little grubby. Ensure that you keep bathroom cleaning wipes under the sink in the bathroom, that way when you go in there and things are looking a little grubby you can give everywhere a quick wipe down. Wipes might be the more expensive option, but they’re incredibly quick and handy to use.

Make the bed as soon as they’re empty

It’s so easy to put them, but if you make the bed as soon as it is empty it won’t be something that you’ll come to dread and it’ll just be part of your morning routine.

Clean as you cook

It’s easy to let the pans and dishes stack up when you’re cooking a meal, but once you start prepping things, fill the sink with soap and water and start to clean as you go. Chopping boards, knives, measuring jugs etc can all be cleaned as you cook and soon as you’ve emptied pans or baking trays you can place them in the water to soak whilst you eat your meal.

Wash and dry the dishes straight away

When you’ve just finished your meal the thought of cleaning up can put a sense of dread over something you’ve just enjoyed. But taking five minutes to clean up the kitchen means pans and plates won’t fester and you don’t have to dread doing to make a cup of tea later on. Instead, clean up as soon as you’ve eaten and then you won’t have anything else to really do in the evening.

Make sure you wipe down all of the kitchen sides and the hob too, doing this on a daily basis or when you’ve used the kitchen ensures it’ll always be clean.

Putting washing on as soon as you get home

Or as soon as you wake up, that way it’s in and you don’t have to panic when you’ve got to put a wash on at 9pm. Keeping an eye on the laundry basket is important too, making sure that you constantly keep things moving so that you’re not left with six loads to do on your day off.

Scan each room before you go to bed

Turn on your First Lighting fixtures in each room before you go to bed to ensure there are no glaringly obvious things that can be put into place. Just checking each room can give you peace of mind before your head hits the pillow and ensures you wake up to a house that’s tidy.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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