Amber Teething Necklace for a Grumpy Baby*

I didn’t think I was ever going to have children. I was dead set on having a career and just living my life on my own terms. I was wrong.

I fell in love with a man that ended up being my Prince Charming. I can’t deny him, and well, we got married, and of course, then came the baby carriage.

I have to say it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Who knew, right?

Well, until teething hit. Please God no. Don’t ever let me deal with that again.

My happy, awesome baby was always so good. She slept at night, she slept in restaurants, and even in the car. She would only cry when she wanted to eat, and as long as I gave her my milk, she was good.

Until teething…

She cried inconsolably. She didn’t want to eat. She didn’t want to sleep. She was miserable.

I knew Tylenol and Motrin were a choice, but I didn’t really want to give her that much medication. I had to find an alternative, and I’m so glad I did.

Amber teething necklaces have been a Blessing. I first learned about it when I was doing some research for natural teething remedies.

As soon as I started reading blogs by mothers who have used it, I knew it was perfect for my baby. The amber is a natural remedy that people have been using for centuries in Europe and the Middle East. It’s been known to help people fight colds, the flu, inflammation, headaches, sand so much more. It’s amazing!

As part of my research, I learned that Baltic amber was the highest quality you could get. It has more of the good stuff – the succinic acid. This is what seeps out of the amber and into the skin and bloodstream to help babies with their teething pain. It’s completely natural, so it doesn’t harm the baby at all.

When I received my Baltic infant amber teething necklace that I purchased from Baltic Wonder, I immediately put it around my baby’s neck. It took about a week before I noticed a difference. She started to sleep through the night again, she was eating better, and didn’t have the fever or drooling she had before. She was also not whining as much as she was before.

At first, I thought it was just because she cut her tooth. I keep the necklace on her since then though, and we’ve never had another teething nightmare. I love this necklace.

I would say that if any mothers out there need help with their baby’s teething, and they don’t want to use Tylenol and Motrin all the time, an amber teething necklace is a great alternative. Just make sure you purchase the Baltic kind because it’s made in the Baltic areas of the world. The site I purchased mine from sourced all of their beads from Lithuania, the leader in Baltic amber.

Do your research. You’ll see that amber is truly an amazing natural remedy. You may even want to use it yourself!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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