Ready Player One | Film Merchandise from Paladone

*This post is in association with Paladone

Paladone have to be one of my all time favourite gift buying companies. Well, I say gift buying… I’ve never bought anything on there for anything else… I always end up straying and picking out everything that catches my eye instead. Oops!


Paladone have sent me this wonderful bundle of Ready Player One merchandise to celebrate the release of Ready Player One, which is a film adaptation of the science fiction novel written by Ernest Cline. The sci-fi film has been directed by Steven Spielberg and is set in a dystopian future and mostly takes place in a virtual reality game called OASIS.


This Ready Player One travel mug arrived just in time as the day after it arrived we were going away for the weekend to Kent, which is a 3-hour drive away from us. So, this came in handy! We have bought a lot of travel mugs over the years, but Jamie has always insisted that they taste funny, so we discard them all after just one use. However, this one actually made the cut and is allowed to stay!

The stainless-steel travel mug is perfect for long journeys and even working in the office. It is double-sided with one side having the ‘Gunter Life’ slogan written and the other having the Ready Player One logo, costing just £11.99.


These Ready Player One coasters are so vibrant that even my 3-year old toddler wanted in! They feature some of the films characters as well as logos and slogans. I now have them spread across the house from the sitting room all the way upstairs into the office. For just £2.99 this pack of 8 coasters are perfect!


With my work, I can never have too many notebooks, so this is already being used for my memos and schedule. Since it arrived, it’s been firmly on the kitchen countertop, so I can make my scribbles in throughout the day.

This hardback notebook comes with 200 lined pages and the front cover features the Innovative Online Industries logo. For just £6.99, it’s perfect for any fan of the novel and film.


Now, this is the one I got most excited over. I have to be honest, I love lights and especially in my office where this now calls home on my desk. This infinity light features the Ready Player One logo in bright colours which is set on a mirrored background. When you switch the light on, by either batteries or USB, it creates an optical illusion with the logo that is frames with blue lights.

You can either have this infinity light wall mounted or free standing, like I have, and it costs £34.99.



*Disclaimer: I received these products in return of an honest review.

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