Samsung S8 vs Samsung Note 8 | Which Is Better for a Blogger?

*This post is in association with Three

Over the past 7 years I have used both Android and iPhone’s and I think I have found the brand for me! When it comes to Samsung phones, I’m settled and for me Android is far superior… at least for what I use it for!

I use my phone for work every day and around 80% of my usage is whilst working, so it’s important that I have a phone that helps me do what I need to get done. I do a lot of social media, writing notes, scheduling evens, taking photographs, writing emails and so much more! Samsung is linked seamlessly with my emails, giving me access within seconds to my calendar, emails, notes etc, so all I have to do is swipe into the app and it’s all ready to go.

Even when Three are kind enough to loan me a Samsung phone, all my contacts are there ready and waiting for me! The phone does all the work for you and it’s excellent.

I have previously been sent the Samsung S8 Plus and last month I was lucky enough to be sent the Samsung Note 8 to try out too. Before being sent the Note 8, I was so taken with the S8 Plus that I purchased the S8 for myself as I found it a brilliant all-rounder. However, this post will be based on my own S8 and note the S8 Plus.

I used the Samsung Note 8 for a month and it didn’t take me long at all to get used to it. Within minutes it felt like I had been using the month for years, but that is perhaps because I’m so settled with how Samsung works.


Being a blogger, having a great camera is really important for me and I would say it is easily the most important thing. It is the main thing I consider before purchasing a phone now and if the camera is just okay, I won’t be buying it regardless of how great everything else is on it.



(Left to Right: Samsung Galaxy S8 & Samsung Note 8)

On the Samsung S8, the front (selfie) camera isn’t too great in all light but I find it good enough for me. I don’t usually take selfies, so having great quality isn’t so important for me but it does produce great images in good light when outdoors for example.

The Samsung Note 8 however was very different and produced great selfies every time! The selfies came out much less grainy every time and more vibrant in colour too.



(Left to Right – Samsung S8 & Samsung Note 8)

With the back camera, the difference in modes was also quite vast. The Samsung S8 has pro, panorama, selective focus, slow motion, food and a few more. Whereas the Note 8 had a whole section which included selecting how far away the subject was to focus it and blur the background. Both of the back cameras, in terms of quality, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. I haven’t looked it up, but I would genuinely assume it’s the same camera.



(Samsung Note 8. Left to Right – original vs a filtered image)

While I do a lot of photo editing on my phone, it’s usually straight through Instagram itself. I don’t use filters, instead I adjust the white etc. But the Samsung Note 8 has filters to give the photograph a completely different look, however these are in the live camera to adjust before capturing the image. The S8 doesn’t do this but you can pretty much do the same afterwards.


Both of the phone are pretty much the same for security and this is one of the low points for me. We all want our phones to be safe if we ever happened to lose it but it’s a bit over the top. I use a pattern lock to get into my phone and the only downside is that I’m unable to remove it – it doesn’t give you that option. Once you have set up security, you’re stuck with it forever. Of course, you can change the pattern or password but you’re stuck with having it on. But at least the phone does let you remove security is it recognises that you’re at home, so I don’t have to unlock it each time I need to quickly send an email or taking a photograph.

The security has many options available including fingerprint, password, pattern and retina recognition. To be honest, I wouldn’t bother with the fingerprint or retina as it’s a lot of messing around. The fingerprint sensor could be so much better placed as being next to the rear camera is not the best place! It’s so awkward to use so I’ll never bother with it.

Battery Life

Another aspect of importance for me is the battery life, as I depend on my phone every day. If I ever have to charge it up during the day, I feel lost! The battery life for both the S8 and Note 8 showed little to no difference at all. I found that I was around the same amount of battery life each night, leaving me with 26-38% battery left before charging it over night. Sometimes, I may even get a day and a half out of it.

Overall, out of the Samsung S8 and the Samsung Note 8, I definitely prefer the Note 8. The screen size was a big ‘wow’ for me, as I much prefer a larger phone. It also felt much more seamless when scrolling through and I couldn’t fault it at all, except on the security. The added features in the camera were also a huge bonus for me!

Which one do you prefer?


*Disclaimer: I received this product on loan in return of an honest review.

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