Heat & Eat Crisps | Fairfield Farm

*This post is in association with Fairfield Farm

Why do warm crisps always taste so much better?

There always seem to be new crisps out on the market but it doesn’t matter how many different flavours they think of, there isn’t anything revolutionary.

Every Saturday evening, myself and Jamie are always on the lookout for snacks for our night spreading out on the sofa watching Netflix and drinking a glass of wine (or bottle!). Forget Nacho’s, we have recently been trying out these new Heat & Eat crisps.


For just £1.85 you will get a big share bag of these delicious crisps and dip.

Share bags like this are great for those nights in or gatherings at home. Simply tear open the bag, pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy! Heat & Eat crisps come in two flavours – Sea Salted with tomato dip and Cheese and Chive with onion dip. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of dips but these were lovely! The Sea Salted are my favourite flavour and were the first to go.

The only shame is that they are not yet widely available. You can purchase your bag in Tesco, Co-Op or through the Fairfield Farm’s online shop.


*Disclaimer: I received this product in return of an honest review.

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