Learning to Count with Orchard Toys

*This post is in association with Orchard Toys

Since Joshua got his first puzzle for Christmas, he has been crazy about them. He stunned us at how good he was at putting them together, so puzzles quickly became a family favourite. We have spent many quiet mornings having fun with games and puzzles, especially with this Look and Find Numbers puzzle from Orchard Toys.

I have often spoke about the different ways we have been helping Joshua to practice a variety of things from shapes, colours, to numbers. Since we started encouraging and helping him a bit more, he has learnt to count to 20, recognise some number symbols, match numbers with the correct number of objects, and much more.

Orchard Toys are a very popular brand in our house, we have so many stuff from games to puzzles. We quickly found them to be one of the best brands for educational toys. We have recently discovered their brilliant Look and Find puzzle range and they really are excellent fun, educational toys.


What’s in the Box?

Within the Look and Find Numbers puzzle we got two, 10-piece puzzles. Each puzzle was a great size for young children; not too big or small and simple enough that they’re able to do it well but have fun too.

The aim of this puzzle is for both of the separate puzzles to work together in order to learn numbers. One of the puzzles has a colourful picture and the second features some of the objects within that puzzle alongside their corresponding number (i.e 2, Giraffes).

After Joshua completed them both, we put them side by side and talked about what we saw. We took a little time trying to find all of the objects while counting them to make sure we found them all!


Who Can Play?

The puzzles are aimed at children aged 3 years and over, however they are great for parents to get involved in too.

When Joshua started doing the puzzles for the first time, he immediately picked up all the pieces of the picture one and slotted them into there they were meant to go. However, the second numbered puzzle he found a bit trickier. Ordinarily, when completing a puzzle Joshua will look for pieces to match (i.e the bears head with the body). Whereas with the numbered puzzle you can only do it by counting along, which is excellent for encouraging little ones to recognise the number symbols and counting up to 10.


Final Thoughts

In our house, puzzles are very popular as both us parents and Joshua enjoy doing them in our spare time. Not only does it allow us to have some great bonding time. But it also offers quiet entertainment before bed.

By regularly completing puzzles, we are encouraging our little ones to better their hand-eye co-ordination skills, problem-solving skills and observational skills. It also encourages Joshua to discuss what he sees, which is excellent for his speech delay!

Orchard Toys have created brilliant Look and Find puzzles for the range that I know our little one will enjoy for years to come. I love the idea that both puzzles work together at creating discussion and teaching all-things numbers from counting to recognising number symbols; it can be used for so much!


Disclaimer: I was sent this puzzle in return of an honest review.

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