I’ve Had Enough of #AdEnough

jamie oliver ad enough

For those of you who aren’t aware, Jamie Oliver has launched a new campaign called ‘Ad Enough’ which is trying to restrict junk food marketing to children. Jamie Oliver wants to ban junk food adverts until after 9pm.

Now, the intentions of this campaign are brilliant. Children shouldn’t be eating junk food, or much of it at all. There is no reason why they should be, it isn’t needed. There is nothing wrong with a treat, but we need to restrict junk food for our children because it just isn’t healthy.

But where do I stand on this campaign? Firmly against!

To be honest, it wouldn’t really affect us if the ban got put into place. But that’s the point, isn’t it? It doesn’t affect us.

Joshua is 3-years-old, and he watches TV so of course he also watches adverts. He does notice them, he does, but any adverts of junk food? They don’t interest him. He is of course a huge fan of junk food, what child isn’t? If you gave him a giant chocolate bar, he will demolish it in a second. His lack of interest in the adverts doesn’t reflect his taste for junk food at all.

But, let’s say that they did interest him, and they make him want to eat much more junk food.

Even in the case that Joshua started having more tempers in the supermarket aisles over junk food, which the adverts are part/mostly responsible for, it’s doesn’t make a difference to whether he would get it or not. Absolutely, we’ve been there ourselves many times. Joshua has thrown many fits in the supermarket because we wouldn’t buy him ice-cream, cake or whatever else he wanted. But just say no – it’s an option! And it’s the better one!

He is now actually used to being told no, but we do give him a reason too. I don’t believe in just saying no and dragging him off. We explain to Joshua why we aren’t buying those treats this time and why he can’t have that cake we bought yesterday for breakfast. He listens, takes it in and allows us to walk away. It took a lot of tempers to get to this point, but it’s worth it.

Just because a child is aware of junk food marketing, it doesn’t mean that they are going to get it. And if they do? It’s our fault. We can’t blame marketing, only ourselves. Not only are we letting our child eat it, but we are buying it for them.

The one line I’ve heard along with this campaign is that “children who watch junk food adverts are more likely to eat it”. No, sorry, that’s wrong and it’s bloody annoying to hear.

Children who get bought junk food by parents are more likely to eat it.

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