Exploring Nature with Interplay’s Worm World

*This post is in association with Interplay

Are your little ones interested in all things nature? This may be the perfect gift for them this Christmas!

Joshua has always loved investigating everything around him. He has always been interested in learning everything he can about whatever is put infront of him. For instance, he has often taken apart pens, toy cars, even remote controls, to understand how they work. This inquisitive nature of his has never changed. Joshua is now six years old and EXTREMELY chatty – he will ask questions about literally everything. While we sometimes wouldn’t mind a break from the constant chattering (haha!), it’s something we’ve always encouraged.

Joshua now adores being outdoors and exploring the world, and learning about nature. Recently, we realised just how much he has started picking up. He recently started telling me about how the flowers grow, why the sky is blue, and all sorts of things while we are on our nature walks.

So, of course, when I discovered Worm World from Interplay, I just knew he would love it. We have been having fun exploring and setting up our very own Worm World from Interplay over the last couple of days. My Living World offer a range of science and nature kits for children, designed by nature experts to provide fun and informative kits.


What’s in The Kit:

  • A 20-Page Booklet
  • 4 Packets of Sand (2 are coloured sand)
  • Plastic Worm Housing with Lid and Feet
  • Cardboard Shade


Within the 20-page booklet, there is a step-by-step guide to talk you through setting up your worms new home. Little ones will need the help of an adult with setting it all up and looking after your new worms, so it’s a great way to bond and discover together.

Setting up your worm home is so simple! Spread layers of soil and sand, alternating between the coloured sand, to create layers. Using the coloured sand will allow you to watch and learn how the worms will mix it all up as they move around. Showing just how they move and fertilize the soil.

Once your worms are settled in their home, you need to keep them in a warm and shaded room. Never let the soil go dry and feed them dead leaves. Enjoy learning for around 4-6 weeks before you release them back into their natural habitat.


What Joshua Has Learnt

Joshua has had so much fun creating the home for his worms and making the layers of sand and soil. Since we’ve had our Worm World, Joshua has learnt all about what worms eat, how they move and create tunnels, how they will take their leaves down into the soil as they burrow, and that this is exactly how they move under the ground outside.

Joshua has also learnt all about how they help flowers grow – which is the simplest way of explaining that they fertilise soil, mix it up as they tunnel through and allow air and water to penetrate into the soil.


This Worm World kit is the perfect gift for little explorers and such a good opportunity for them to learn about the importance of worms in our world.

What do your little ones like exploring?


*Disclaimer: I received this product in return of an honest review.

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