How to Implement Zone Cleaning for Kids in Your Home Cleaning Routine*

Having a clean and ordered home is something that needs time and the more family members are involved the better the results are. Here are listed some tips on how to involve your kids in the zone cleaning routines.

Before you start cleaning anything, you should first make a schedule or a chart, in which you divide the different zones in the house by placing the chores in different days. People are used to clean their households on Saturday and Sunday, because during the other five days they go to work and do not actually have the time to deal with everything. But postponing all of the work for two days is like having a full-time work week. If you can manage with everything this way, then you are good to go, but some people are unable to clean their whole homes in 48 hours. You can decide that Mondays will be for cleaning the bedrooms and then Tuesdays will be for the kitchen, Wednesdays – for the living room, and so on. If you have a garage or some kind of a storage room, don’t forget about it. Although you don’t need cleaning it every week, you surely want to take a look at it every month or two.


How to Involve Kids in Cleaning

Involving your kids in the cleaning routines might be a tricky thing to do, but let me help you with some advice. Most importantly, you have to explain to them that your home belongs to every single member of your family. As them being part of the family, they also have to help when cleaning the house. Helping each other in different activities is a good start for a kid. Teach them while they are young, because with time it will begin to get harder and harder.

After you’ve made a schedule or a chart with daily and weekly activities and filled it with different chores, your kids are ready to start cleaning their parts of the house. For example a daily chore for your Wednesdays can be giving the kids the task to pick up their toys from all over the living room and then tell them to dust the picture frames and the objects you’ve put on the shelves and then dust the shelves and the coffee table. However, remember to give them exact instructions, otherwise you risk something half-done or not done at all.

Advice for the Family

Here’s some good advice. It’s good to switch the cleaning zones for every member of the family. This way everyone gets to do a different thing each week and to clean a different part of the house. It’s easier for kids to learn how to deal with all cleaning activities and will not get bored with the same chores are saying from Cleaners London.

What do kids love? Games, toys, but they especially love rewards. One of the best ways to get your kids to do their cleaning chores is to award their success in completing a task. It can be a simple thing. For example a candy bar, or an hour of playing outside, or watching their favourite cartoon. Everything can be made an award and kids are enthusiastic when they know that finishing their cleaning activities will bring them something desirable.

All in all, getting kids involved in cleaning routines is not that easy, but with some imagination everything can be done and even the hardest things can be learned. I guess you want to raise a sensible kid that knows how to take responsibility and how to deal with different situations in life. The plus side of involving your kids in zone cleaning is that you save time this way. When more people are involved in any process, they reach the final goal a lot faster than one person alone does.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Cleaners London

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