BABY Born Interactive Bathtub [Review]

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this product in exchange of this post

My son has absolutely adored playing with dolls since he was little. While he has quite a few dolls, he didn’t have any accessories for them other than a pushchair. To think about it, I’m not sure how we have managed to go almost 4 years without buying him tons of accessories!

What a wonderful accessory to start with, the BABY Born Interactive Bathtub!

baby born interactive bath tub review

The bathtub is shaped just like a real bath and comes with its own bath board that features real working shower. To use the shower, simply pump the button! To create a bubble bath for your BABY Born you can also pour bubble bath into the hole and pump the other button to create bubbles in the water.

To finish it off, the bath also plays music and lights up the water by a press of a button; great fun! It also comes with a rather cute rubber duck too.

baby born interactive bath tub review

While Joshua has his own BABY Born doll, trust him to want to bath the one that is material!! Apparently, this one was particularly dirty and needed a bath. Ideally, you want to be using a hard-bodied doll because it gets real messy. Even Joshua agreed in the end that he would use his BABY Born next time.

The clean up is also very easy, which is a bonus. I had dreaded cleaning out the pumps that was full of bubble bath mixture but it washed out incredibly easy. I then just turned it upside down in our bath to dry out on its own.

The BABY Born Interactive Bathtub is recommended for ages 3+ and retails at £34.99.


*Disclaimer: I was given this product in return of an honest review.

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