Make Memories This Father’s Day

*This post is in association with Gourmet Chocolate Pizza

When I was younger, we never really celebrated Father’s Day or even birthdays for that matter! Back then, my family all had the understanding that we did not need to talk about how much we loved or appreciated each other, it was just enough that we did. We all had a mutual understanding of how appreciative we were of each other, but looking back now, I wish I had celebrated my Dad much more.

My Dad was a wonderful man who was generous, helped anyone out if they needed and up until the day he passed away he did not stop giving. He was a local councillor who was well respected and would spend every day helping others; whether it would with housing problems or simply driving local residents to the poll stations to vote (regardless of how they intended to vote), if they were not able to travel themselves. My Dad would do his upmost to help anyone, with any problems that they had.

Now that I’m a Dad, I see Father’s Day as an opportunity for spending time with my little one and having wonderful memories to look back on. Having quality time is so special and meaningful.

Making Memories

For this Father’s Day, let’s all celebrate our amazing Dads. How about this year, rather than buying some socks and slippers, we swap it for spending some quality time together?

Stuck on some ideas? Here are some of my ideas to help capture some moments with your Dad. They all have one thing in common; giving you the opportunity to get to know you Dad again. Take this day as an opportunity to have meaningful conversations, perhaps for the first time in years. Ask him about his life before he became a Dad and get to know him on a personal level – not just Dad.

Play Golf


Have a Film Night




Beer / Spirit Tasting

Go Camping

Spa Day

Take a Cooking Class

Go on a Trip or Short Break

For this Father’s Day, we will be letting our little one pick a film for us all to watch together, and then snuggling under a blanket on the sofa. Thanks to Gourmet Chocolate Pizza, we will also have the gorgeous Belgian chocolate pizza to munch on too! It’s a simple but lovely gift that everyone can share. We couldn’t help but sneak a taste early and it tastes amazing! (and smells even better!)


*Disclaimer: I was gifted this product in return for this post.

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