Learning Water Confidence Through Play

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this product in exchange of this post

Joshua has always loved the water and we’ve been taking him swimming since he was just a little baby. Although, a couple of years ago, his water confidence took a bit of a knock and we have been unable to pinpoint exactly why. Joshua developed a fear of water going over his head and over his face, which not only made swimming difficult but also bath time!

Joshua has always learnt best through play, so we enrolled him into Swim School where they mainly teach through songs and playing. To help brush up on his confidence even further, we have made sure to take him swimming at least once a week ourselves and to involve as many water toys as we could.

So, when we got the chance to try out the Squid Disks, I knew that this would be perfect for Joshua!


To use the Squid Disk, simply dunk it underneath the water and then launch it! As the disk flies through the air, it sprays water from its body and tentacles. As Joshua was so focused on catching or chucking the Squid Disk and having a blast, he forgot about the fear of getting sprayed with the water. He found it hilarious both throwing and trying to catch the Squid Disk, so it’s been great for encouraging active play and getting splashed.

If your little one is like Joshua and isn’t keen on being splashed with water, you could benefit from this water toy as it’s perfect for allowing them to gradually build up their confidence. If you think your child would love this toy, it’s available from Swim Ways and Amazon.

We have tried this toy in the swimming pool, our pool in the garden as well as the bath and it’s been a hit every time!

If your little one loves swimming, do you think they would like this Squid Disk?


*Disclaimer: I was gifted this product in return for an honest review.

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