Top 5 Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix

Right now, Netflix has me completely hooked on their true crime documentaries, especially their murder case stories. I’m absolutely gripped to the screen watching as the documentaries show bent police officers, conspiracies and murder cases that are full of twists and turns. Since we decided to upgrade to a high-quality HD television, I find myself getting immersed into the shows. The picture on screens such as the Oled TV Panasonic are so sharp, that I almost forget that I’m only watching it on TV.

Netflix is home to some of the best TV series and their murder documentaries are what I’m here for.

Here are five of my favourites, in the order I recommend you watch them in. So, switch on the TV and get comfy, because you’re gonna be here for a while!

Evil Genius

Evil Genius was the first crime documentary that I watched and, boy, was it one to start with! It remains one of my favourites and where I would urge anyone to start. It retells the story of a pizza heist through interviews with the suspects, archive footage and interviews with police officers. Delivery man, Brian Wells, was sent on a scavenger hunt all while he had a bomb strapped to his neck and one of the tasks was to do a bank robbery. But who made him do it? At the end of this four-episode series, we find out exactly who did it. But trust me when I say, it’s full of twists!

Making A Murderer

Making a Murderer starts by retelling the story of a man, Steven Avery, who was wrongfully found guilty of rape and spent 18 years in prison. After being released, and when he was about to win a case that would make the system pay out millions to him, he was arrested for murdering a young woman. But did he do it? While we never find out whether Steven Avery actually did it or not, the documentary presents some pretty strong evidence that allows us to form an opinion on who we think did.

The Staircase

I have only just finished watching The Staircase and it had be gripped every day. I binge watched it constantly until I had finished the series. The documentary follows the case of a convicted author, Michael Peterson, who was found guilty of murdering his late wife Kathleen. The documentary uncovers information on whether he did it and all the wrong doings that were done by the state’s legal team.

The Keepers

Back in the 1960s, a 26-year-old nun named Sister Cathy Cesnick was murdered. Her body was found quite sometime after her murder and shortly after, another young girl was also killed. The Keepers suggest that Cathy may have been about to expose a Catholic church for being involved in a paedophile ring. The paedophile ring seems to have involved police officers, trusted members of the community, lawyers and many others in the area.

The Confession Tapes

The Confession Tapes focuses on several homicide cases and the stories are told through interviews with family members, judges, police officers and archive footage. Would anyone ever admit to a murder they didn’t commit? This documentary suggests that it happens way more than we think. It covers how easy it is for a suspect to be manipulated into confessing to a crime they didn’t commit and how brutal police interrogation can be.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored and collaborative post.

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