Review: Dream Tent

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this product in exchange of this post

All parents have been stuck in a phase where their little ones just will not settle at bedtime. Joshua seems to go in and out of phases and for a while now, he has got himself into a routine of almost drifting off and then calling us up several times; usually pretending he needs to be tucked back in.

But when we were sent this wonderful Dream Tent to review, I wondered whether this would be the answer to our problems and get him excited about actually sleeping in his own bed again.


As soon as Joshua laid eyes on his Dream Tent he refused to go to bed until we set it up for him, which put us off to a fantastic start. I popped it up within seconds and it was so easy to do. The design is really simple; you just slide two hooks underneath each side of the bed at the top end, clip on the two ends of the Dream Tent and it folds into an arch shape. The Dream Tent covers the top portion of the bed and most of your little one’s body.

As the Dream Tent comes with a little battery-operated light too, we usually cuddle underneath together to read some of his books before it’s time to sleep. I then turn the light off before I leave.



Joshua absolutely loves his Dream Tent because it’s space themed – he loves the moon, stars, rockets and space so this was perfect for him. I think the security of the tent works at keeping little one’s calm and relaxed before bedtime and I can honestly say that since we set up the Dream Tent, Joshua has never woken up during the night asking to come into our room! WIN!



Who do I think this would be perfect for? Perhaps little children who are afraid of the dark as it acts like security for them and children who need something to get them excited for sleeping in their own bed (maybe for the first time or if you have had some problems like we have). We have also removed Joshua’s bed guard now because the Dream Tent acts kinda like an alternative to this because of the size of it – this isn’t something that’s recommended by them but something we realised ourselves.

Joshua absolutely loves cuddling under his duvet with his teddy bear in the Dream Tent, it’s like his own little hideaway. It’s worked wonders for us and is something that brightens up his room.


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