Review: Fuzzikins Campervan Carrycase

*This post is in collaboration with Fuzzikins

At the moment, Joshua is very much into his crafting and imaginative play, so we are always on the lookout for new toys to help keep him entertained. We recently got the Fuzzkins Cosy Cats set and because Joshua enjoyed it so much, as soon as I saw this Campervan Carry Case, I knew he would go crazy for it.

This Fuzzikins Campervan Carrycase toy is the perfect blend of crafting and imaginative play. What’s great is that the fun never ends because the cats are completely washable! So your little one can always wash off the pen to do again another time.

Inside the Box

Inside the box you get the Campervan, two cat figures, 3 sheets of stickers, a blanket and 3 felt tip pens. The Fuzzkins cat figures are pure white, ready for customisation with the grey, orange and brown pens provided.


Inside the Campervan, the cats have a table and two seats, a fold down bed, blanket and a driver’s seat in the front of the van. As a little extra, the surfboard clip at the top can unclip to become a surfboard for when the cats go travelling.

The side of the Campervan can fold down so that your little ones can play with the cats inside of the van and also store everything inside once finished.


Joshua had a great time customising his Campervan and Fuzzikins cats and as I said before, the great thing is that the cats are washable, so you can do it again and again. Overall, Joshua loved this toy and I think it’s great value considering that you can completely start again with it. I also like how everything can store away to keep it tidy or for making it the perfect travelling toy.

Do you think your little ones would love the Fuzzikins Campervan?


*Disclaimer: We were sent this toy in return for an honest review.

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