4 Ideas for Summer Childcare

Ever since Joshua was born, I have always been self-employed. Whilst Jamie worked full-time, I could fit my work entirely around Joshua and the routine we had at home. That was until I recently starting working in my first ever employed job that is working away from home. As all working parents know, childcare is the biggest issue for getting back into work.

Not everyone can rely on friends and family, so we have to look at other alternatives to help us through. Then when our little ones start school it becomes a little easier, until the summer holidays!

If you don’t have friends or family to rely on as much as you would like, then your choices can often feel very limited at times. So, I have had a look around to see what alternatives there are for parents to be assured that their children are being kept well entertained and occupied.


It may sound like an obvious one, but I’ve found that a lot of parents don’t seem to consider this option as much as they do others. I love the idea of hiring a babysitter/childminder who perhaps has a small group of children and has a lot to offer. Many childminders will take the children out for day trips and do fun activities to keep the children happy and having fun. They could also form friendships and meet children that they may not have otherwise.


If your child has a passion or interest, it would be the perfect opportunity to try and find out if you can use the summer holidays to enrol them into classes. Depending on your area, you may be able to find classes that run the same time as school times to keep your routine. Your community may run some classes that go over the course of the summer, which may be worth checking out.

Summer Day Camps

Why not see if there are any day camps being run throughout summer in your area? They are usually quite popular with leisure centres and are great for children who like keeping active.

In Lowestoft, based at Waterlane Leisure Centre, they run a day camp called Energised that’s aimed at 8-13 year olds. You drop your child off in the morning and then collect them again at 3:30pm, so it keeps you all in a similar routine as school. Whilst you’re at work, your child will be kept entertained with a selection of activities in a safe environment throughout the summer. Energised is the perfect way to keep your child active with fun exercises whilst allowing you to go to work worry-free.

The camps are either £14.35 per day or £17.65 with a hot lunch provided and they are currently running a promotion that if you book from Monday to Thursday, you get Friday for free. The camp is running from Monday 30th July to Friday 31st August and if you would love to hear more, visit Waterlane Leisure Centre for more details.

Overnight Camps

Depending on the age of your child and how comfortable you are with it, there are plenty of summer camps that run where your child can go on a trip that’s either a week long or the length of the summer holidays.

When we were younger, my brother went away on a summer camp and he got to experience canoeing, abseiling and all sorts of great fun. These types of camps are perfect for the adventurous child!

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Sentinel Leisure Trust.

2 thoughts on “4 Ideas for Summer Childcare

    1. I completely agree, summer day camps are more feasible for us too. Although Joshua is far too young at the moment, it would definitely be something we’d consider in the future.


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