BABY Born Interactive Doll | Review

*Disclaimer: We received this BABY Born in exchange of this post

Joshua has loved dolls forever. He absolutely loves babies and children, ever since he was little whenever he saw a baby crying he would always try to look after them. So, Joshua having his own dolls gives him something to look after which he loves.

As soon as his BABY Born Interactive arrived, he started cuddling and kissing the box and asked for a bed and a whole host of other accessories to help him play and look after his “new baby”. No doubt those will be on his Christmas list! Joshua already has the BABY Born Interactive Bathtub, so he’s been excited to use it.

The BABY Born doll is recommended for children aged 3+, so Joshua being 4 years old it is perfect for him.


What BABY Born Comes With

  • Nappy
  • Feeding Bottle
  • Bowl and Spoon
  • Potty
  • Dummy with Dummy Clip
  • Food Sachet
  • Friendship Bracelet
  • Birth Certificate
  • Instructions

Your new BABY Born will be able to drink, wet his nappy, cry real tears, eat, wee and poo as well as being bathable, moveable and able to sleep.


To put BABY Born to sleep, simply lay him back and he will close his eyes. As soon as you sit him back up, his eyes will open again. To make your doll cry, just feed him a bottle of water, sit him up and squeeze his right arm until the tears flow.

Feeding time can be done by either bottle or bowl. You can use the bottle filled with water or mix the powdered baby food with 20ml of water and use the bowl and spoon.

To get your doll to wee and poo on the potty, after feeding him a bottle sit him on the potty and press his belly button once. To make him poo, feed him the baby food and press his belly button twice.


The BABY Born Interactive is such a lovely doll that not only comes with accessories included in the box, but there is a whole range of other accessories that go with your new addition perfectly.


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