Joshua’s 4th Birthday Party at Adventure Island Play Park

*This post is in partnership with Sentinel Leisure Trust

For Joshua’s fourth birthday earlier in the Summer, we wanted to give him his first proper party. For his first birthday, we took him out for a day trip to our local SeaLife in Great Yarmouth and had our family round for a buffet in the afternoon; we kept a similar theme for the following years too, taking him for a day trip somewhere rather than a party.

But this year, with him being at preschool and gaining a few friends, we thought it would be nice for him to have fun with his own friends on his birthday. Especially considering that he is the only child in our family really, so it limits us a lot when we have just family-only parties.

After a few weeks of looking around, we decided to have his party at his favourite soft play – Adventure Island Play Park. From the get-go they took the hassle away! They provided us with all of the invitations and were more than happy when we requested more from them.


They have a range of party packages, but for Joshua we went for the simple Pirate Pete’s Play Party which works out at £9.25 per child, with a party host and a hot buffet.

What’s Included:

  • Invitations & Thank You Cards
  • Hot Buffet & Jugs of Juice
  • Ice-Cream
  • Party Bags
  • Dedicated Party Host


When we arrived at Adventure Island Play Park, we were greeted by our party host. At this point, we were able to either purchase some balloons for the tables or we could have used our own decorations. We chose to purchase some at reception, and then took them home with us afterwards.

Once most of the children had arrived, the party host lined the children up and they all headed into the soft play together – running riot whilst most of us adults sat down and chilled!

The party host was excellent with Joshua, he spent most of the party running around with the children and making sure that Joshua was having lots of fun. The party host encouraged them to play games and generally have a blast in the soft play.

After the children had been playing for around half of the party time, they were called back for the buffet by the staff to sit at their reserved boat table. The choice of food couldn’t be complained about! The children had jugs of juice from the start of the party and a choice of hot food such as chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages and chips. The party host would walk around a few times with each dish, making sure that each child had exactly what they wanted. The best bit was you didn’t have to choose just a few things, the children could (and did!) have a bit of everything if they wanted. Once the food had been eaten, they were then given ice-cream whilst the adults enjoyed tucking into the leftovers!

Joshua was then presented with his birthday cake, with everyone singing happy birthday to him. Unexpectedly, he was then presented with a gift from the Adventure Island team – his own ‘Pirate in Training’ t-shirt and free admission for his next visit.

A lovely little extra was that Joshua and all of his friends were lined up for a photograph too! Which has made a lovely keepsake.

All in all, I could see us most definitely hosting more parties there in the future!


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