Are You Happy?

Joshua's 4th Birthday Party at Adventure Island Play Park (1)

For most of us, working is something we will spend most of our lives doing. It sucks, but it doesn’t always have to. For very valid reasons, almost all of us get into jobs that we are not particularly happy in. (Hey, we all have bills, right?) It is not always easy, or even possible, for someone to leave their current job to pursue one that would make them happier. I took the plunge to go self-employed a while back and my partner is looking to do the same one day, hopefully sooner than later. It is a battle, but a choice that is yours and can be the best thing that you will ever do. But it could also be the worst thing you could do – nothing is ever risk free.

Where are you going in life? Are you even happy?

But it is not always work that affects our lives, sometimes we do it to ourselves. We all make changes throughout our lives to help us achieve what we want and to have the best life possible. Whether it is enrolling into college, turning a job into a career, going travelling… absolutely anything that builds your life. For our family, we recently made a big change that will help us live, not just get by.

Since 2011, the year that me and Jamie met, we have always been living for the future. Never once have we lived for ‘now’, we have always been saving money for something – whether it was to pay off debts or to buy our first home. Now that we are in 2019, with our family growing and having just bought our first family home, we are putting life first. And it is about time too.

Of course, with our first home being some-what of a renovation project, there are plenty of things that we need to save for and sort out. But, for once, we have two pots of savings. At the end of each month, we will be splitting our money into our house savings and spending money. Rather than putting all of our money into the house for the next few years, we will take it slower.

We are going to go on as many holidays during the year as possible, go on day trips, spend quality time as a family, host games nights, have evenings out together as a couple, big family gatherings and even simple baking days as a family. We want to make sure that our son has the best childhood we can provide and that we create memories to look back on. We are going to do the things that make us happy, while continuing to work towards the future at the same time. Just this time, as a much happier pace than before.

There is no rush, we only get to live once.

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