30 Things to Do Before I’m 30

I often find myself reflecting on my age, life has gone by so quick that I’m finding it difficult to catch my breath. I remember being just 5 years old, moving house and running around our new big home, which felt massive then. I remember being sixteen and wishing I was eighteen, because it was the ‘coolest age’. I now long for all of those years back, and I’m only 26 – surely this is something I should be feeling when I’m in my 50s?

Anyway, it got me thinking about all the things I want to do, achieve or become by the time I’m 30 years old. Either way, it will be interesting to read these back in 3 years time to see how much I have done.

30 Things to Do Before 30

Visit Disneyworld Florida

Ever since I was a toddler, my dream holiday has been to go to Disneyworld… just like almost every other kid. Now that I’m twenty-six years old and still never been, I want to make it happen sooner than later. Although, it being the holiday of a lifetime, it is very expensive for us. We have put a savings plan together to (hopefully) manage it to celebrate both mine and Jamie’s 30th birthdays. So, fingers crossed!!

Finish Renovating Our Home

In November last year, we bought our first home and it is very much an investment, which means every single room needs to be completely gutted. We have so far finished two rooms (the kitchen and Joshua’s room) and we hope to finish downstairs by the end of 2019 and then slowly work our way through the rest.

Weekend Away (Alone)

Jamie and I have only ever been on holiday together once and even that was our babymoon before Joshua was born. Since then, I have felt that Joshua was far too young to be left, however with him getting older I *think* we could perhaps make it happen.

Visit the Harry Potter Studios

For me, this kinda ties in with Disneyworld because whilst there we would so visit Harry Potter World too! However, I also want to visit the studios.

Get Married

Jamie and I have been engaged for a few years now and it often feels like the longest engagement ever, but not in a bad way. We have put it off ourselves because we felt that it was the right time to buy our first home and that it was far more important too; giving our little family stability is vital for us. But now that our little family is settling, we can make the next (and final) step in our relationship and make it official.

Earn Sole Income from Blogging/Writing

Perhaps this is a little out there, especially for giving myself only 3 full years left to achieve it, but it is something that I have my eyes set on. I would absolutely love to earn a living from my writing, whether that’s my freelance writing kicking off more, blogging or something else… I just want to spend my life writing and be able to provide for my family off it.

Get the Body I Want

No, I don’t just mean hitting the gym! I have always wanted to cover myself in tattoos and I have most of the work I want all planned and I want to get it all completed within the next few years. But I also want to start taking care of myself a bit more – eating cleaner, being healthier, being far more active and giving my kids the fun, they deserve.

Weekend in London

When I was a teenager, I used to spend a lot of my time in London, hopping on and off tubes to meet up with friends and I would often stay over for the weekend too, fitting it around my college classes. I haven’t been back there properly since I went away for University and I’m dying to get back there! I want to be a tourist again and go and see everywhere possible, watch a show in the theatre and have a marvellous time in general!

Read More!

I used to love reading a book, but over the last few years I have got out of that habit. I’m either far too busy or too tired from being busy, that in the evenings I just want to curl up on the sofa and allow my brain to just crumble. But I have continued to collect books, so I aim to finish every single book on my bookshelf (and more!)

Find Myself

Something you may not have known about me is that I’m Pagan. For me, it isn’t something to practice as such, it is a way of life. I want to make the steps to learn more about being Pagan, the way I want to live my life and who I am.

Join a Class or Group

I’m not exactly sure on the type of class or group yet, but I would find it interesting to be involved in something outside of the home. Whether it’s a creative writing group to get my ideas flowing, an LGBT+ social group or a cooking class… I would like to start ‘something’.

Go on a Road Trip

I have wanted to go on a road trip for the longest time ever. I would love to just climb into the car, take off and plan visits to interesting places that are along the route and book hotel in cities or places that we want to visit.

Read More News

I used to watch every single news, political discussion show and panel show on TV. I love knowing as much as I can about what’s going on in the world, but I have spent the past three years in the dark. If it isn’t on social media or a blog post some blogger out there wrote, I won’t know about it.

Get Better at Photography

I’m very much an amateur when it comes to using my camera. I feel that I have a good eye for photography and have the ability to take great photographs, however I lack the knowledge and experience with a decent camera to get the best out of my shots.

Explore Lowestoft

I have lived in Lowestoft for four years now, but I hardly know the place compared to all the locals. I want to visit more restaurants, bars, parks, nature reserves… whatever we have on offer right on our doorstep. I want to get out of my comfort zone of visiting all of the same places over and over and try something new.

Visit Edinburgh

I have only visited Scotland once and that was years ago when I went on holiday with my Mum, Dad and brother. I have wanted to go back for quite some time; however, I never really knew where I wanted to head. Then I heard about what Edinburgh has to offer – especially in the Summer with the Fringe Festival, and I have wanted to visit ever since.

Finish my Novel

Like a lot of writers, I have started many books however I have yet to actually finish one. I’m currently working on developing my story, and I aim to have it finished within the next year or so.

See a West End Show

Even though I spent a large part of my teenage years in London, I have never seen a West End show, which is something that I have wanted to do for years. I don’t have a particular show in mind, although Wicked and The Lion King look amazing.

Go on a Cruise

This one ties in with getting married within a few years, as we are planning (hoping) that for our Honeymoon we can go on a cruise.

Different Holiday Destination Each Year

There are so many places that I want to re-visit, such as Liverpool where I spent 3 years during University. I also want to show Joshua as much of the UK/world as possible while he’s young. Who’s better to travel with than your family?

Go to London for New Years

This is something Jamie and I have been talking about since we got together, we always say ‘next year’ but then something happens that makes it impossible… but we will one year!

Learn to Drive

I started learning to drive when I was 17 but I quit not long after, because I was frustrated with my theory test. I have ALWAYS failed my theory, with just 2 marks below what I needed to pass, regardless of how much I try. So, within the next few years my plan is to pass my theory first and then begin lessons once again.

Do a Fitness Challenge

Whether it’s doing a Mud Run, short race or something along those lines, I’m not too sure, but I do know that I want to get far more active and this could be something to work up to.

Don’t Waste Time

At the moment, I’m either working, doing housework or looking after Joshua and I struggle to balance it with anything else. Once I’m free, I spent my time on the sofa doing absolutely nothing other than watching TV. I want to start having movie nights, game nights, evenings of writing and generally being productive to get shit done as well as during the day time having little afternoons out with Joshua. I need to make the most of each day, as soon as possible.

Go Clubbing

Am I too old to go clubbing, yet? I kinda feel like I am, but I haven’t been in years (at least not properly) since before Joshua was born. Before I get ‘too old’, I want to have an all-nighter, out in Norwich.

Learn Not to Care

I have always struggled to let go and not care what people think, which controls how I act and talk in public/to new people. It can often take me months or years to be fully myself around people, because I let what they think affect how I am, which is insane. I don’t speak my mind, make friends easily and I keep myself to myself because of it.

Throw a Birthday Party

I have only had a couple of birthday parties when I was in Primary School, since then I have never had one. My birthday has never been a big deal and anything special – I usually just get given a few presents and cards and spend the evening at home. Which isn’t to say that I’m not grateful, I’m always grateful for anything that people do for my birthday, but for just one year I would quite like to have a ‘birthday’ rather than a normal day.

Work on My Mental Health

I have struggled with bad mental health since we had Joshua in 2014, and it has been a long journey to get to where I am today. I have a long way to go, but I’m proud of how far I have come. I don’t think I will ever get ‘better’ in that sense, but I do hope to be able to take further steps in being happier and healthier.

Declutter | Minimalize

I’m forever finding myself decluttering our home and getting rid of crap that we have accumulated. One day, I will hardly need to declutter at all because I would have finally got rid of everything in the house that we don’t need or use. When I declutter, I tend to follow the rule of if it hasn’t been used in a year, it’s gone and if you don’t know fully what it is, then it’s also gone (because how many cables do we REALLY need?!?)

Start Living for Now

I have spent so many years planning for the future, that I forget to live. I have always been working towards something: saving for a home, saving for a new car, saving for bits here and there. No, money isn’t everything, but it considerably helps when it comes to living. There’s only so many free park and beach visits, evenings in and walks in the woods someone can take before I want to be able to take my family out for lunch/dinner, go on days out at a moments notice, treat myself or Joshua to something… just because.


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