Autumn Bucket List

With Autumn now in full swing, it is officially my favourite time of the year. From October – December, the months go by incredibly fast, but we enjoy every single one. For us, each month is always filled to the brim with events, celebrations, baking every weekend and much more and this year we are adding the birth of our little one into the mix too!

We may be a bit busy this year with renovating downstairs before the baby arrives, but we should be able to fit in a lot of fun stuff too.

Here is my Autumn Bucket List:

  • Go on an Autumnal Walk in the Woods
  • Watch some Firework Displays
  • Bake LOTS of Autumnal, Halloween and Christmas treats
  • Try Pumpkin Spiced… everything?
  • Make Halloween and Christmas Decorations with Joshua
  • Paint and Carve some Pumpkins
  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch
  • Collect leaves, pine-cones & conkers for arts & crafts
  • Finish Decorating the Hallway and Sitting Room
  • Organise and Declutter the House
  • Celebrate my Birthday
  • Plan Christmas
  • Play more Board Games
  • Movie Nights with popcorn and blankets
  • Visit as many Christmas Markets as possible
  • Visit Family for the Holidays

What’s on your Autumn bucket list?


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