Hello Autumn, Goodbye 2019 – Goals to End 2019 On

The 23rd September marks the beginning of Autumn and from then on, as a family we are busy with events, day trips, celebrations and much more, right through until January. Autumn always brings a certain feel to end the year on; crisp mornings, blankets & movies, seasonal baking, darker evenings and Autumn walks. It’s not difficult to see why it’s my favourite time of the year.

As we hit October, I always seem to reflect on the year and how to move forward as we begin the New Year. These three months always seem to fly by, so no sooner have I settled into enjoying Autumn and all the seasonal activities we plan, it is time to celebrate the New Year.

I like to set aside some time to create some end of year goals. This year, with me leaving work in November to have our next little human, there will be plenty that we need to get done as well as personal goals, so that 2020 can be a great one.

Next year the big goal for me is getting back into freelance work once again. I used to earn my income solely from being a freelance writer but last year I gave it up to secure the mortgage on our home, by swapping it for an employed position. I plan on spending my leave to firstly get our home ready for our baby but also to work on promoting myself, gaining clients and reconnecting with old contacts. By the middle of next year, I will hopefully be able to be self-employed once again.

Mental Health

Over the years, I have made quite a bit of progress with my mental health. In preparation of the birth of our baby, I have been working specifically on my PTSD in therapy to try and work through the trauma of Joshua’s birth, so that I go into this birth with a much more positive mind-set. I have not yet written up my birth plan, but this is something that will be done alongside my therapist to ensure certain things are done to allow me to have the best experience possible.

As I was kept in the dark during Joshua’s birth and until just a few months ago, I had no idea what went wrong and why my baby needed to be resuscitated; all I knew were some minor details that my partner observed and relayed. My care team never offered me any details during labour or after, so I was never able to come to terms with what happened. I was also treated appallingly and was cast aside during my stay.

However, this time, my birth plan will have specific requests such as being told absolutely everything, regardless of how small. Over the next couple of months on the lead-up to the birth, I will be working harder on my PTSD than ever before. Hopefully working through it during therapy so that I have a much more positive birth this time, to set me right for continuing my treatment into 2020.

I may only have two or three end of year goals (if you include renovating our home), but they are pretty big ones.

What does Autumn make you feel? Do you set-out goals to finish the year on, like me, or just enjoy the season?


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