6 Things to Do with the Kids on a Rainy Day

With the colder months now upon us, I think we can all agree that we have already had our fair share of rainy days. I’ve lost count of how many school runs and pick-ups that I have had to do completely soaked through; despite being prepared with rainwear!

During Summer it’s so easy to find activities to keep the kids occupied because there’s almost nothing out of bounds but as we get deeper into the year, options aren’t quite so vast. Here are some of my ideas to keep the kids busy and happy, even during those annoying rainy days.

So, here’s my top 6 things to do with kids on a rainy day.

Arts & Crafts

Yep, sorry folks, but kids love a good arts and crafts day. It may be messy for us, but it’s lots of fun and can keep them happy (fingers crossed) for quite some time. Why not make the most of the season and get creating some Halloween (or Christmas) decorations with the kids? Some of my best memories as a child is making decorations that would go up on the walls and Christmas tree and as a parent, these are the decorations I treasure most and reuse every year.



When I’m stuck indoors and all the housework has been done, my go-to is usually to do some baking. Because who doesn’t love a freshly baked cake to tuck into? If I haven’t had time to plan, personally I always go for a simple biscuit recipe which wins every time, and it’s easy for kids. Plus, me and Joshua get to eat them whilst they’re still warm from the oven before Jamie gets home from work (sshh!).

But seeing as we are in October now, I shall be baking a lot of Halloween goodies throughout the month and as Christmas gets closer, our baking game gets stronger. We tend to bake at least once a week anything from cheese scones, spiced biscuits, pull apart cupcakes… you name it!


Have a Movie Day

If a rainy day has snuck up on you, you wouldn’t have had time to load up on popcorn, so just grab whatever you have in the cupboards and have yourself a movie day. Snuggle up on the sofa with some blankets and tuck into whatever you could find. Maybe make it that little bit more fun (and last longer too) by building a fort first?

Or, if you’re able to get out easy enough, why not pop to your local cinema instead?


Play Some Board Games

Joshua loves a good board game, so we tend to spend a lot of time over the Autumn and Winter months doing just that. We all either get down on the floor on some blankets or gather around the table with some snacks and get carried away with some games in our PJs.


Visit an Aquarium

With zoos being incredibly popular during the Summer, surely visiting an aquarium should be somewhere on the list for a rainy day? We’re lucky to have a few local aquariums to choose from which can easily keep us busy for a good chunk of the day, especially if we visit one that has a soft play.

Get Outside and Play

Yes, I did just suggest that (gasp!). Regardless of the weather (if it’s not too ridiculous, of course) just get yourself outside and explore with the kids. We love going for walks and I honestly do prefer it as we hit the colder days.

There is so much more to do outside in Autumn and Winter. We go for walks along the seafront throughout the year and it’s even a Christmas tradition of ours after breakfast, we have even had picnics on the beach whilst wrapped up in our woolly hats and scarves!

Throw pebbles in the sea, run and play underneath the pier, spend some time in the arcade, go for a wander in the woods, jump in muddy puddles and then warm up in a café somewhere along the route before heading back home. Fresh air is always a winner for us, after all… you can only get wet in the rain once!




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