32 Week Pregnancy Update

Well, I am writing this from my hospital bed. As soon as I heard that I may be staying longer, Jamie brought me up my laptop so that I can actually make some use of my time here and get some uninterrupted work done (horray!) As some of you will be aware, I have been admitted into hospital, so I thought that I would write a bit of an update.

Yesterday morning I had a routine midwife appointment and during which, she picked up on that baby may not be moving as much as they should. During my appointment she phoned delivery and I was asked to go up straight away. Within an hour, I was hooked up on an ECG and they started monitoring baby. Pretty quickly, we realised that although the baby’s heart rate is fine and showing a ‘happy’ baby, the movements weren’t doing too great.


I was then taken down for an ultrasound scan and we found out that the baby’s kidneys are full of fluid and the amniotic fluid is at its absolute lowest – it should be between 2 & 8 and it’s at 2. But they are also concerned about the movements as this baby has always been extremely active – to the point I would joke about needing a break. My bump would bounce around every couple of minutes, not giving me a minute’s peace. So, to go from that (one extreme) to barely anything is worrying.

They decided it would be better to keep me in overnight to be monitored around the clock and I woke up this morning to be told that I wouldn’t be going home just yet. I’m being transferred to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital to their Fetal Medicine department for further tests and for a specialist to decide on what to do next.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to be monitored but I’m also getting steroid injections to mature that baby’s lungs in case they need to intervene and get the baby out early. I asked how likely it is for the baby to be born early and it looks pretty likely, we are just unsure how early. Each time I’m being monitored that only shows that baby is okay for the next few hours and if one time during any monitoring that it shows a decline and baby isn’t coping too well; they will be getting the baby out.

So, I’m currently waiting on being transferred and need to be in hospital until that goes through. In the meantime, I’m receiving steroids for baby and having around the clock monitoring.

It’s all very scary but I’m hoping for the best outcome – whatever that may be or is possible. We are hoping to keep baby cooking for a bit longer, but if baby wants to come early… who’s gonna tell it otherwise? We are just so lucky that my midwife picked up on something potentially being wrong which lead to us finding out some problems that could not be spotted without a scan and further testing.

I’m feeling worried, but also thankful right now.

*Further Update*

I ended up being in hospital for 4 days until my transfer to see the specialists came through. As a result of them doing a thorough ultrasound, we found out that baby has Hydronephrosis; which essentially means baby’s right kidney isn’t working as it should.

Instead of the valve sending urine down and out, it’s sending it up into the kidney. We were explained what the possible routes were once baby is born and to be honest, no one can predict what will happen.

Once baby is born they will be on anti-biotics to prevent a UTI as having one would make baby very poorly and could potentially lead to loss of kidney function altogether – although this is the worse case scenario. We are not sure how long baby will be on anti-biotics, it’ll be for however long is necessary. The hospital will also then do an ultrasound to see how the baby’s kidney is functioning exactly, to find out what treatment is needed.

Potentially, the kidney could fix itself but it could also mean that baby needs a catheter, injected with dye so they can x-ray and see further how kidney is working or even surgery to re-plumb the kidney.

We are now very positive about it all and thankful we found out so that we can put a care plan in place with the hospital. Everyone is now aware so that our baby can get treatment immediately and just see how it all goes!


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