How We Do Christmas (Santa)

Here’s something that I haven’t given much thought about until this year – how differently we all do Christmas, as parents. Joshua is five years old and I think this is his first proper Christmas believing in Santa and understanding the magic of it all a bit further, so naturally we have had to come up with a back story to Santa and how the day works in general.

Almost daily we are being questioned about Santa’s magic, what his Elves actually do, how Santa gets to/from the North Pole, how he gets all the presents to the children and so on. Quite often we have to think on our feet and then stick with that story, having to remember all the details we just gave (I have to admit, I have questioned whether it’s all worthwhile at all – ha!)

All parents do Christmas very differently which naturally only makes it harder for us to all keep up the tradition of Santa; and most probably how children start to figure it all out when they notice the differences between each other’s beliefs.

Christmas in Our House

I think that the consensus is that Santa brings children their presents, which have all been made by Santa’s Elves throughout the year. However, we don’t follow that at all. In our house, the parents buy the presents and Santa simply delivers them on Christmas night (a bit like a glorified postman to be honest). Santa also delivers presents to our relatives homes for them to gift them when we arrive too. But where do his Elves come into it? Santa’s Elves test out all the presents to make sure they work and, if not, they fix them for the children.

As Joshua is getting older, he understands money a bit more, therefore us buying his gifts for him means that Santa cannot bring everything on his list – and that his list to Santa is simply a wish list. It then backs up why some children may get amazing gifts and others may get very little – I think that by having them believe Santa and his Elves make them all, then surely all children would receive similar amounts? It also helps on the lead up to Christmas because we can explain why we are unable to buy much for him until after Christmas – he may still beg but he gets it… kinda! Lastly, we like to think he can then appreciate that we have gifted it all to him (as well as relatives) and he always knows how much thought we have put into the day and his enjoyment.

But under the tree is always a little something from Santa – usually a annual or book.

How do your family ‘do Christmas’?


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