9 Things I Forgot About Newborns

Oliver is now 5 weeks old, which sounds tiny now that I’m writing it, but it has gone by so fast. To most people he’s this dinky little thing but to me, he’s huge compared to when he was first born.

We were in our own little bubble with Oliver for the first two weeks and they have passed by in a bit of a blur. When I was pregnant, I would worry about a few silly little things that I had forgotten, such as how to make up bottles, but it turns out I also forgot what newborns are like.

The First Week

I still can’t remember what the first week with Joshua was like as it was such a blur and, honestly, I can only just remember it with Oliver, and it was just a few weeks ago. The first week with Oliver home was such a mess. In my own little bubble, only me and Oliver existed, and I struggled paying attention to anyone or anything else. Bless him, even Joshua got left out. Jamie had to pretty much focus on Joshua and housework because I just didn’t have it in me to do anything other than look after my baby.

Having No Routine

There is absolutely no routine whatsoever with a newborn. When babies are first born, they run on their own little agenda that you have to quickly get on board with or all hell breaks loose. Thankfully, we were able to quickly introduce little bits of a routine with Oliver to help get him settled.

Dinky Hands and Feet!

I forgot just how tiny newborns are and how delicate they feel when handling them. Trying to get Oliver dressed for the first few days was difficult, especially with those sleepsuits that pull over the bloody head (worst inventions ever for a newborn btw). It took me the longest time to get used to pulling his tiny arms into the sleeves without fear of hurting him.

Random Movements

We always say that Oliver looks like he’s sky diving because he throws his arms in the air as if he’s falling. Watching him lay down when awake is frustrating because I’m still not used to his movements and whether he is just thrashing about happily or whether it’s a sign of him being uncomfortable.


Oh, the poop! There is bloody lots of it. I forgot just how often newborns poop. For the first couple of weeks Oliver pooped A LOT, especially at night. Seriously, his bum came to life at night. Since he has settled into a routine, so have his poops. I’m not sure if all babies do this, but both of mine got into a routine and I was able to predict when they would poop. Oliver is roughly around 2pm and 6pm. Is that weird?

That Smell

(No, not the poop)

That gorgeous baby smell that never seems to disappear. Oliver could be covered in vomit (and trust me, he has done that plenty of times) and he would still have that baby smell.

Not Getting Sh*t Done

How did I manage housework, freelancing and functioning as a human with Joshua when he was a baby? Truthfully, I didn’t. Now that Oliver is here, I’m remembering just how hard it was to do things; even things I didn’t consider to be, well… things.

Sterilise, Sterilise, Sterilise

In my mind, I only sterilised bottles once a day with Joshua but with Oliver I seem to be doing it 2-3 times daily. I must have blanked out all the sterilising with Joshua because I’m only just remembering how much I hate it.

How long you can watch them for

Seriously, I can spend (and have) hours watching Oliver. When Oliver was born at 4:17am on 18th December, I didn’t sleep a wink and I was still awake come 10pm on 19th December. I was knackered as hell, but I loved spending time with him.

Was there anything you forgot about newborns?


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