Meal Plan – 2/3 [Vegan Recipes]

Happy March! This month we are trying something new. If you follow me on social media then you will know that we are reducing how much meat and dairy we consume. Why? We have heard of the many great health benefits (including being great for your skin) and we overall want a healthier lifestyle. We also cannot justify eating the amount of animal products we have been – it just isn’t for us anymore!

We have chosen to do a full vegan month because we have haven’t cooked much vegan food before and past pasta, we don’t know many recipes or what we like. Vegan food will be a challenge for us, so this will give us the chance to trial anything and everything, in the hopes that by the end of the month we will know exactly what we like.


Monday: Spaghetti & Meatballs

I wanted to start us off pretty easy by cooking a favourite meal of ours. As I said a minute ago, I know tonnes of vegan pasta recipes! This recipe is from Mary Berry – we just substituted for vegan meatballs.

maxresdefault (1)

Tuesday: TSO’s Spicy Sticky Tofu

I last had tofu 10 years ago, when I was a vegetarian! I wanted to give it a try in something that I haven’t had before. This recipe is from BOSH!


Wednesday: Paella

We love paella but it isn’t a meal that we cook too often. If I’m honest, this is the one meal I’m not 100% sold on because I’m not a massive fan of beans, but I cannot wait to give it a go. This is another recipe from BOSH!


Thursday: Tomato Soup

We did a fair amount of batch cooking a few weeks ago and decided to keep all of our soups for this month. We have never made soup before, so we had a quick taste before freezing and it turned out great! Definitely something we will be doing more of. This recipe is from BBC Good Food.


Friday: Miami Chick’n Burger

We wanted to try some of Morrisons plant-based range, as it looks to be the best out of all our local supermarkets. Sometimes we will want a quick meal that we can just chuck in the oven and with Friday being our shopping day, it will be perfect! There is no recipe for the Miami Louisiana Chick’n Burger, but we will be serving it with jacket potato (instead of a bun) and salad.

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan – 2/3 [Vegan Recipes]

  1. We’re reducing our meat intake too. My husband is up for it, but convincing the 5 year old is the hard part haha. IT’s amazing how much there is out there so its actually not as challenging as I thought x


    1. Haha, yeah we would never be able to convince Joshua so he’s not joining us. At least not until he’s older and less fussy! Kids can be a nightmare! But there is so much out there these days, which makes it a lot easier. When I was a vegetarian as a kid, there was minimal stuff about! Glad to see the change.

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