Home School & Self-Isolation Ideas for Kids

We have all heard the news by now – we are home schoolers! Eek. For our family, schools closing has been great news. But the idea of having to home school is quite daunting. I have spent some time preparing because as of Monday, I better get cracking! We have no way of knowing how long we will have to isolate for; it could go on for months, I guess.

I am not too great with teaching but I’m pretty sure that most of us are feeling the same way. I absolutely do not have the patience for this – but it looks like I’m going to have to!

Our plan is to do a mixture of home learning (learning packs from the school as well as our own resources) and learning-through-play type activities.

There are some amazing free resources out there, so here are a few of the ones I have found:

Oxford Owl – Book Resource for ages 3-11, to help your child learn to read. 100+ free books to access!

World eBook

Reading Eggs – These also do ‘Mathseeds’ which costs, however we got a free subscription from school and it’s AMAZING; definitely worth it if you can afford it.

BBC Bitesize

DuoLingo – Learn a different language

Primary Resources

Scratch – Creative Computer Programming

Phonics Play

DK Find Out – Activities & Quizzes

The Kids Should See This – Educational Videos

National Geographic Kids

Primary Leap

Mystery Science

Nature Detectives – Outdoor activities (may be great for in the garden)

Paw Print Badges – Challenge packs (optional extra that cost)

Cbeebies Radio – Listening activities

Twinkl – Usually a paid-for service, however they are offering a free month trial due to school closures

Toy Theater – Online games

The Artful Parent – Art activities

Now onto the bits of the day that I will actually be good at – the FUN! We will break up the day with fun activities and be spending our weekends doing not much else. Here are a few ideas that we have:


Indoor Picnic

Movie Afternoon

Build Lego


Board Games

Build a City – use train & track, cars, figures etc

Play I Spy

Play Musical Statues

Play Dominoes

Make a Bingo Board and Play

Play Noughts and Crosses

Play Snap

Finger Painting

Colouring Books

Salt Dough

Make a Pretend Car out of Furniture

Make and Decorate Paper Planes

Make Bookmarks

Make Rainbow Crayons – using old, broken ones

Make a Tin Can Telephone

Draw a Family Portrait

Make Your Own Story Book

Design a T-Shirt

Hand-print Pictures – see how many different shapes or animals you can create using your hand-print.

Build a Den

Make a Time Capsule

Picky Dinners

Skype Grandparents

Camp in the Front Room

Pamper Day

Learn Days of the Week Song

Help to Make Dinner

Dress Up – Joshua loves dressing up and pretending that he’s that character, while acting out scenes from the film or story.

We’ve got this! If you have any other ideas, please share them below. I would love to hear what you have planned. We are all in this thing together, so let’s get sharing ideas 🙂


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