Our Baby Names List

Our list of baby names for our second baby was pretty similar to the one we had back in 2014, when we were expecting Joshua. We loved a lot of the names so much that they had to go back onto our list with this little one, along with some new ones too.

We chose to not find out the gender with our second as we wanted our last baby to be a surprise. However, I just *knew* that we were having a boy and later on it was (kind of) confirmed at a scan when I accidentally saw (but didn’t tell Jamie), so I put more energy into deciding a boy name.

We both had favourites from the beginning, however they were different to each other, and in the end, we actually went for a different name altogether! It was weird not being sure on names because we chose the names for Joshua so early on.

baby names list

Anyway, here is our list of both boy and girl baby names that we absolutely loved but didn’t use.


This was my favourite girl name on our list, however during the last few months I wasn’t so sure anymore and another name became my favourite!


This has been Jamie’s favourite boy name for years. I wasn’t too keen on it at first, as it just reminded me of Alfie Moon, but the more I heard it, it grew on me.


I love love this name! But Jamie hates it, so it was never going to be used but I refused to take it off the list anyway. I just think it’s so elegant and gorgeous.


From the moment we found out we were expecting, this was my FAVOURITE. I had a feeling that we were having a boy, so I got attached to this name. I then thought why not use it regardless, as it’s a lovely neutral name? But Jamie just didn’t like it too much; apparently naming a baby after someone you slept with isn’t appropriate – ha! Honestly, if we ever had another baby, I would fight so much for this name!


While I do like it, I’m not crazy about it. But it was Jamie’s favourite girl name, so it was on the shortlist up until the birth,


I heard this name not too long before Oliver was born. But we just couldn’t agree on it. Jamie wasn’t fond of it at all.


This name was originally taken off the list when we made a shortlist of four names later on, however I regretted it and had it in mind in case we did have a girl. It may have been off the list, but I had it mentally noted! I just love it!!


Originally, this was my favourite, even before we were expecting. I was so sure this would have been the name for me, but I ended up not liking it as much. Jamie also just made supernova jokes every time I mentioned it, so it very quickly got crossed off the list.


At one point, we decided to come up with names around a theme – names that meant something to us/our relationship. From that, we found River. I can’t remember why, but it never made it onto our short list later on.

The Name We Picked

Oliver Linden

Weirdly, we had the middle names sorted within the first couple of months! If we had a boy, he was always going to have Linden as his middle name (we did have a back-up middle name too, in case it didn’t go). Why Linden? For middle names, we go for family names. Our first-born, Joshua, his middle name is David after my Dad. So Jamie chose the middle name for Oliver, after his Nan, Linda. As soon as he said he wanted to name our baby after her, I looked into a male version so we had one lined up.

We didn’t decide on ‘Oliver’ until we met him, but during those last few weeks we were pretty sure it would be the name we would pick. Then once we saw him for the first time, Jamie turned to me and said, “Oliver… he’s an Oliver” and that was it! Oliver Linden.

What are your favourite names? Did you find it difficult agreeing on a name with your partner, like we did?


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