Our Cloth Nappy Journey (so far)

As we are now 5 months into our cloth nappy journey, I thought that I would share our experience so far. But let me tell you, it has been one of the best swaps I think we could have made! I’m still a complete beginner and don’t know everything, so everything I’m sharing here is what I’ve learnt and what has worked for us along the way. Hopefully you will find it of some help!

If you are anything like me, you will be starting off your cloth nappy journey so confused. I found cloth nappies the most confusing products out there and for a while I wondered what the hell I was delving into. We wanted to make the swap with our first baby, but I just didn’t know where to start. But this time we were determined to get clued up!

What the fuck is a ‘liner’? What’s a bamboo booster? What’s the difference between brands? Why do the costs vary so much, are some better than others? How do you clean them?

I had absolutely no idea where to start, so I contacted a few parents that I knew were using cloth nappies with their little ones. They kindly answered some of my questions and made me feel a tad less confused and I had somewhere to begin.

cloth nappy

Getting Started

To start, we bought one Bambino Mio nappy, MioLiners, 8x Littles & Bloomz nappies and a wet bag.

I read online that it is best to wash them once before first use, to make them more absorbent. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I did it anyway as it doesn’t hurt, right?

One of problems was figuring out how many cloth nappies we needed to get through the day. After looking online at how many nappies newborns use in a day on average, I decided to buy 2 more than that. So, when I need to do a wash, we had a couple extra. We have never run out in-between washes, so this has worked for us. But I know some parents expand their selection and are always adding new ones – so do whatever works for you!

When Oliver was born and it was time to get using them, I will admit that I put off using them at the very beginning. I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit which took me by surprise, but I found it all a bit daunting. I got so confused at how to use the boosters but after a little trial and error, we were good to go. I originally placed the boosters outside of the pocket!

Difference Between Brands

Honestly, we haven’t found any difference at all between the Bambino Mio nappy and the Littles & Bloomz nappies – except for price! Bambino Mio nappies are usually around £15, however we bought ours for £8 in a baby event sale. Our Littles & Bloomz nappies, we bought on eBay for just £4 or there abouts and they also came with a free wet bag, so we didn’t need to buy that.

It was well worth buying a cheaper brand and I’m so glad that we didn’t jump in and purchase a bunch of the more expensive cloth nappies.

cloth nappy bambino mio

Don’t Want to Swap Completely?

It is most definitely not an all or nothing situation when it comes to using cloth nappies; using just one cloth nappy a day will save 365 disposables from going into landfill. It really does make a difference.

When we first started using them, we increased our usage as/when we found our feet. We had intended on jumping straight in and using them 24/7 from day dot, however it just didn’t work out that way for us. We started off by using a couple a day and using disposables at night-time and we then slowly increased to using them all day. We also didn’t use them outside of the house for a while either, only because I was nervous that they would leak and I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t.

How to Clean Them

I don’t think that there is one set way to cleaning cloth nappies, it’s just down to how you choose to do it. Personally, we use Fairy Sensitive Liquid, which is the same stuff that we use on Oliver’s clothes too.

We simply rinse off any number two’s and pre-soak in the sink, then put on a hot wash.

I’m not entirely sure if you’re meant to, I haven’t read anything to say otherwise so I just chuck them all into the same wash as our towels, face cloths, dish cloths etc – anything that needs a hot wash. They come out perfect everytime!

Any Hiccups?

We have only had the one hiccup with using cloth. In the beginning, we had a lot of leaks. Almost every single time we put them on Oliver, they would leak so quick (within 15-20 minutes) and something just seemed wrong – surely this shouldn’t be happening? I always checked to see if Oliver needed changing but it would be barely wet inside, so I knew he wasn’t weeing too much for them to handle.

After a couple weeks, I realised that we were fastening them a bit too tight – nowhere near enough ‘too tight’ for Oliver (if that makes sense) but too tight for the nappies for some reason. I then loosened them a bit and we had no leaks from then on!

Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed using cloth nappies so far and I wish I was brave enough to have used them with Joshua! It’s lovely seeing a colourful cloth nappy and they just look so much more comfortable than disposables.


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