My Ultimate Easy Housework Routine

I’m one of those weird people who enjoy cleaning and tidying – not so much the actual cleaning but the reward after. I don’t think there’s a better feeling than getting into bed with fresh sheets! I didn’t used to have a housework routine as such but ever since I have, I’ve found it so much easier to keep on top of.

I have an easy housework routine that splits everything up into different tasks for each day, which makes it a lot easier to follow. I then have my monthly housework tasks list, which I fit in at the beginning of each month.

I have two kids and our 5 year old makes a lot of mess – think Lego bricks, crunched crisps and lolly sticks – so keeping on top of everything is important otherwise I quickly find myself drowning in a pile of toys, washing and sweet wrappers that for some reason he likes to either hide behind the TV or just outright chuck on the floor!

My easy daily housework routine helps to keep me in check and the house organised, so hopefully it helps you out when it comes to creating your own too!

easy daily housework routine

I hope my daily housework routine has helped you out! I enjoy being organised and while I do have off-days (who doesn’t?), I love having little lists to tick off each day.


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