My Post-Lockdown Bucket List

Life in lockdown has been a journey, to say the least. At the very beginning I was scared of what it meant for us all and living through a global pandemic where no-one knows anything about when life could get back to normal made me anxious. But I was also weirdly looking forward to all being home together and even home-schooling!

These days, I barely remember what it’s like to be able to leave our home, not have to worry about simple things, popping around to visit people and going anywhere we want – just freedom in general, really.

It’s weird knowing that the world is still out there for us to explore once this is all over. And it will one day be over! I think it will be hard for us adapting back into life post-lockdown but once restrictions have all been lifted and it’s safe for us to get back to living, I have my bucket list of ideas that I would like to get doing.

My Post-Lockdown Bucket List

Visiting Family – first things first, I think visiting all our family will be on the top of our list, so they can get to see the kids again after such a long time away. It will also be nice to re-introduce them to Oliver and let them get to know him – let’s face it, he’s a completely different baby to the one we went into lockdown with!

Holiday – we have a holiday booked for the end of July, for the Summer holidays, which is very unlikely to be going ahead now. Even if the resort opens in time, I’m not sure that I would want to risk it anyway. I’m sad that we will be missing out on our first holiday as a family of four. Joshua has really been looking forward to going away for a while and has been asking, “how many days now” for such a long time, so I feel awful for him that after all he has been through that he doesn’t have a holiday to look forward to anymore. But whether or not we get to go on holiday this Summer, I’ve made it my mission to go away this year at some point – as long as it’s safe.

Joshua and Oliver’s Naming Ceremony – we were starting to plan the children’s naming ceremony before lockdown, we had arranged to go and look at a venue when this all happened and put our plans to a halt. Hopefully once we get settled back into normal life, we can get planning again.

House Party – one of our lockdown projects is to get the garden done in time for Summer, so we will be looking forward to having some nice BBQ’s out in the garden. We will be doing this whether we are in lockdown or not, but it will be nice if we are able to have some sun left after lockdown so we can invite some people around.

A Night Out – after being locked down with two kids, hectic work life and running a household with all of us living on top of each other, I think I deserve an evening out? I have no plans for where to go, but as long as it contains food and lots of alcohol, I’m in!

Freelance Life – I was previously earning my income from freelancing and blogging, before temporarily giving it up to secure our mortgage (they required either us to wait another year to get have more accounts or 3 months of payslips) and it’s now time to get back into it! It’s what I love doing and I don’t want to be doing anything else. When you love what you do, life is great.

Being Outdoors – we used to go on a lot of walks but it’s something we have stopped doing over the last year or so. Being in lockdown and being unable to drive the car, it’s made us rediscover our love of walking and exploring outdoors more. Our lives have been so hectic that the calm of just getting outdoors and going for a walk, even if it’s for an hour, has been lovely.

There’s nothing better than getting the kids in muddy boots and letting them run and jump in muddy puddles in the woods!

Lapland UK – I have always wanted to take Joshua to see Santa at Lapland but it’s something we never think to plan ahead for. Once we hit into November it’s something, I remember but it’s usually far to late for us to plan it. But hopefully it’s something we can do soon!

Holiday Abroad – I have only ever been on holiday out of the UK once and it was many years ago now, back when I was around 13 years old. The kids have never been outside of England and I would love to take them away for their first abroad holiday. Again, not sure of where we would go, but maybe Spain is a good first choice? We would like a simple resort holiday, where we can enjoy sitting on the beach, swimming and lounging around.

Do you have any plans for after lockdown?

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