Will Remote Working Be A Thing of the Future?

For millions of people, working from home has been the ‘new normal’ since March. During the pandemic, our lives have changed substantially, and even frequently – at one point, it felt like the rules and guidance were changing constantly!

After getting a taste of working from home, it appears that many office workers no longer see themselves working in that setting again. After all, that way of life doesn’t suit everyone and too right! We no longer want to spend most of our lives shut away in an office. We work hard so that we can have a life, but then we’re too busy working to enjoy it. Imagine a life where we have flexible working, able to work from home, and rather than fitting our lives around work, it is flipped.

This has the potential to be our new normal!

I’m all for improving the quality of life for families – no surprise here! Working from home offers the flexibility that will benefit so many people, and not just families either. We need to re-think how the system works, as to be frank, it doesn’t. We need a new work-life balance, that offers a healthier outlook to living.

But now that businesses are getting back up and running again, they are asking employees to return to the office. Do we really want to be back? If we’re able to work from home, I say workers should have the option to – even if it’s a couple of times a week. Now we know what we’re missing out on, I don’t think many want to change their life back to our ‘old normal’.

Don’t get me wrong, lockdown wasn’t all rainbows and positive outlooks. There were as many lows as you would expect, but after a while, the positive side shone through for me. I’m not going to lie; I have thoroughly enjoyed a huge part of lockdown and I don’t want some things to change back.

Working from home, with flexi-hours, can provide families with more quality time with their children, feeling better connected, and able to build stronger bonds. How many families are losing out on watching their children grow up?

Other Benefits to Remote Working

Of course, as a parent how it benefits families is my biggest focus, but remote working offers so much more. It will allow workers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to work, the chance to have a career they love. It can help people save money and the time they would spend commuting will be put to better use.

Flexi-working allows people to choose their working hours, as long as it’s possible to be moved around. For many workers, as long as the work is completed, the hours worked don’t have to be restricted to typical office hours. This would have a huge impact on your social life, children, and your overall quality of living.

We only have one life, so let’s live it!

2 thoughts on “Will Remote Working Be A Thing of the Future?

  1. That’s a good one, Kaiden! I was working from home well before the lockdown, so not many things changed for me… But this just confirms what you said. I chose life over office hours before it was cool))))) and I’m sticking to it!

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  2. Well Kaiden, you’ve seen a blog post or two of mine! I’m all for remote working and yes, I think it will be an essential mix of working culture going forward. I’m not sure we’re going to see five day a week remote working for everyone. probably be more like going in to the office two or three times a week or once every fortnight. Do check out my involvement with the LinkedIn Changemakers campaign. I’m focusing on campaigning to improve access to flexible working for everyone with caring responsibilities.

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