I’m Kaiden, twenty-four and living in Suffolk with my partner (Jamie) and our 2.5 year old son, Joshua. Back when I was at university and about to become a first-time dad, I started a parenting blog as a platform to share my experiences as I was trying to find my way in the world while simultaneously raising a little human. It’s been (almost) three years and I’ve managed to keep myself and our little tornado of a son alive!

That blog then grew and turned into what it is today – a lifestyle and parenting blog. On The Habitual Blogger you will stumble across my ramblings on all things parenthood, mental health, reviews, wedding planning and lots in between.

Themed Days

Mental Health Mondays – Whether it’s about my personal MH journey, a story from someone else or general support, on Monday’s I will be posting all things mental health related.

Travel Tuesdays – On Tuesdays I will be posting anything and everything about travelling with kids. Such as my post on how to make staying in a hotel room easier with a baby or toddler!

Wedding Wednesday – You got it, Wednesdays are all about weddings! I have been engaged to my partner for a while now and love sharing how we are getting on with the planning, how to make weddings kid-friendly and more!

Fitness Friday – On Fridays I will be sharing posts about my new-love of the gym and getting healthy. I’ll be sharing how I find the time to stick to it, my healthy eating plan and much more.

SatDADay – Saturdays are all about the Dads… well, parents! On Saturdays I will sharing absolutely anything related to parenting.

All themed days extend onto my social media channels where I will be sharing informative, supportive or encouraging posts related to that days topic.

While I will stick to this schedule as much as possible, there will be times when some of the days are skipped during the week due to meeting the demands of my tiny tornado!