Home School & Self-Isolation Ideas for Kids

We have all heard the news by now – we are home schoolers! Eek. For our family, schools closing has been great news. But the idea of having to home school is quite daunting. I have spent some time preparing because as of Monday, I better get cracking! We have no way of knowing howContinue reading “Home School & Self-Isolation Ideas for Kids”

How to Prepare for a Baby on a Budget

Being responsible for a little human is tough. Having someone who you have to care for every emotional and physical need is hard work but it can also be expensive too. When you are expecting, it can get costly quick and parents (especially first-time parents) are huge targets by retailers. Brands will often sell variationsContinue reading “How to Prepare for a Baby on a Budget”

75 Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas

If you are a blogger, planning your content ahead of time is key. I love planning what I will be writing about in the months ahead, but sometimes I struggle with writer’s block. There have been times where I’ve had to browse online for inspirations and ideas, to get myself out of that funk. SoContinue reading “75 Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas”

9 Things I Forgot About Newborns

Oliver is now 5 weeks old, which sounds tiny now that I’m writing it, but it has gone by so fast. To most people he’s this dinky little thing but to me, he’s huge compared to when he was first born. We were in our own little bubble with Oliver for the first two weeksContinue reading “9 Things I Forgot About Newborns”

Coping with Knowing I’ve Had My Last Baby

I always imagined that when the time came where I was finished having babies that I would feel content. My family would be complete, and I would feel nothing less than happiness. But I don’t feel that way. I feel almost the complete opposite and it’s taken me by surprise. We all decide that ourContinue reading “Coping with Knowing I’ve Had My Last Baby”

KODAK Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor | Review

*Post in collaboration with KODAK When your baby is newborn, keeping an eye on them is vital in the early days. It’s natural to want to make sure that your baby is safe at all times. I have personally found it difficult stepping out of the room and leaving our two-week old, Oliver, as heContinue reading “KODAK Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor | Review”

Looking Forward | 2020

I have never been one for making New Year resolutions. Although, I love a list and the feeling of being organised – not just for around the house but also in life too, so I do often make goals throughout the year. There is something about a New Year that very much feels like aContinue reading “Looking Forward | 2020”

How We Do Christmas (Santa)

Here’s something that I haven’t given much thought about until this year – how differently we all do Christmas, as parents. Joshua is five years old and I think this is his first proper Christmas believing in Santa and understanding the magic of it all a bit further, so naturally we have had to comeContinue reading “How We Do Christmas (Santa)”

Being Thankful

I recently had a 5 day admission in hospital, which may not have felt long to any one else but to me it felt like forever. (If you’re not aware, I was recently admitted to hospital with some concerns over how our bubba was doing; which you can read about here) I just needed toContinue reading “Being Thankful”