12 Days of Christmas Activities & Free Printables

Every year, we spend the whole of December doing lots of Christmassy activities. We plan and fill the month with everything from Christmas markets, crafts, baking, and so much more. While this year will be a little different, I’m looking forward to continuing our traditions as much as possible. With everything that has happened thisContinue reading “12 Days of Christmas Activities & Free Printables”

How We Do Christmas (Santa)

Here’s something that I haven’t given much thought about until this year – how differently we all do Christmas, as parents. Joshua is five years old and I think this is his first proper Christmas believing in Santa and understanding the magic of it all a bit further, so naturally we have had to comeContinue reading “How We Do Christmas (Santa)”

Autumn Bucket List

With Autumn now in full swing, it is officially my favourite time of the year. From October – December, the months go by incredibly fast, but we enjoy every single one. For us, each month is always filled to the brim with events, celebrations, baking every weekend and much more and this year we areContinue reading “Autumn Bucket List”

Have a Festive Night in With Rummikub

*This post is in association with Ideal On the run up to the big day, our Christmas celebrations start shortly after my birthday in November. We start planning our Christmas baking weekends, game nights, family gatherings, festive activities, and so much more. We make sure that we are jam packed every weekend. Most of ourContinue reading “Have a Festive Night in With Rummikub”

Review: Personalised Wrapping Paper | Pretty Gifted

*This post is in association with Pretty Gifted Regardless of the occasion, we always try to gift something personalised or hand-made; it adds that special touch that makes it more personal. But something we never thought about was purchasing personalised wrapping paper, that is until we heard about Pretty Gifted. Pretty Gifted offer high qualityContinue reading “Review: Personalised Wrapping Paper | Pretty Gifted”

Review: Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Set

*This post is in association with Scalextric I’m going to level with you here, when I got sent a Scalextric set for Joshua, I would be lying if I said I didn’t fully intend on stealing it for myself. I had Scalextric as a kid (what ’90’s kid didn’t?) and it is a flashback toContinue reading “Review: Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Set”

gift a Bakerdays Letterbox Cake this christmas

*This post is in association with Bakerdays With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents! With the current pandemic, online shopping has become the place to order all your Christmas gifts. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be loving online shopping. I have been spending a few days lookingContinue reading “gift a Bakerdays Letterbox Cake this christmas”

a step-by-step guide on how to make a christmas door bow

Have you seen the latest Christmas trend? Christmas door bows have been popping up everywhere over recent years. It’s a simple way to make the outside of your home look and feel Christmassy, without going ‘over the top’. When I first saw Christmas door bows, I thought that they looked quite complicated to make. ButContinue reading “a step-by-step guide on how to make a christmas door bow”