8 Things I Love About Autumn

Seeing as Autumn is my favourite season, I thought that I would share my favourite things about Autumn. From September on wards, the last part of the year is jam-packed, and it feels like we have something on every week, which we love. Smells. One of the first signs of Autumn for me is whenContinue reading “8 Things I Love About Autumn”

6 Things to Do with the Kids on a Rainy Day

With the colder months now upon us, I think we can all agree that we have already had our fair share of rainy days. I’ve lost count of how many school runs and pick-ups that I have had to do completely soaked through; despite being prepared with rainwear! During Summer it’s so easy to findContinue reading “6 Things to Do with the Kids on a Rainy Day”

Hello Autumn, Goodbye 2019 – Goals to End 2019 On

The 23rd September marks the beginning of Autumn and from then on, as a family we are busy with events, day trips, celebrations and much more, right through until January. Autumn always brings a certain feel to end the year on; crisp mornings, blankets & movies, seasonal baking, darker evenings and Autumn walks. It’s notContinue reading “Hello Autumn, Goodbye 2019 – Goals to End 2019 On”

Autumn Bucket List

With Autumn now in full swing, it is officially my favourite time of the year. From October – December, the months go by incredibly fast, but we enjoy every single one. For us, each month is always filled to the brim with events, celebrations, baking every weekend and much more and this year we areContinue reading “Autumn Bucket List”

Balancing Screen Time

Being a Dad to an (almost) five-year-old, I’m struggling, like a lot of other parents, to balance out screen time with my child. Let’s be real here, kids love a screen – whether it’s TV, Xbox, a tablet, Playstation or even a phone that’s full of apps for them to mess around with. Once youContinue reading “Balancing Screen Time”

July Round-Up | What I Did This Month

Life has been just as hectic and busy as ever. Last November we bought our first home, which is a complete fixer-upper; in-between working two jobs, running around after Joshua all day… we have been trying our best to renovate our home. As both mine and Jamie’s work schedules clash (when he’s at work, I’mContinue reading “July Round-Up | What I Did This Month”

I Gave Up My Career

A few months ago, I realised that I’ve lost a huge part of myself and, lately, I’ve felt lost for what route to take next. Since I was little, I have been a writer. I started writing poems, stories and scripts in my bedroom as a child and was at my happiest when I hadContinue reading “I Gave Up My Career”

Celebrate Father’s Day with Cake Through the Letterbox

*This post is in association with Bakerdays What have you all got planned for this Father’s Day? It’s just a few days away, so you all better get planning! Every year, we go for a lovely family day out and this year we are hopefully going to be heading to watch the Great Yarmouth AirshowContinue reading “Celebrate Father’s Day with Cake Through the Letterbox”

Make Memories This Father’s Day

*This post is in association with Gourmet Chocolate Pizza When I was younger, we never really celebrated Father’s Day or even birthdays for that matter! Back then, my family all had the understanding that we did not need to talk about how much we loved or appreciated each other, it was just enough that weContinue reading “Make Memories This Father’s Day”